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Nudefest 2016

NUDEFEST BOOKING: The online booking system for NUDEFEST is now closed. There are still a small number of pitches available so you can still attend the event and pay on the gate to camp or as a day visitor.


British Naturism is pleased to announce that Nudefest 2016 will be taking place at Thorney Lakes Camping and Caravan Park, Langport, Somerset TA10 0DW from 1000hrs on Tuesday 5th July until 1000hrs on Monday 11th July.


INF Invitation: Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-EN.pdf   308.39KB   2505 downloads

INF Einladung in deutscher Sprache: Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-DE.pdf   400.7KB   353 downloads

INF invitation en français: Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-FR.pdf   321.58KB   302 downloads


The festival this year will consist of three distinct camping areas, a quiet area nearest the ablutions for people with mobility requirements, an area nicknamed the village which is equipped with electric points and a further area beyond the events area to be called simply the rally field. The site is only an hour’s drive from Bristol with a large rural boundary and 4 acres of idyllic lakeside which can all be enjoyed naked.


The events area will be complete with all the normal facilities, a large marquee much bigger than previous ones, complete with bar area (with heater), a separate restaurant tent and smaller break out tents for use by various people. Amanda will be occupying one of these doing her traditional massages.


The catering will be provided by a team headed by Clare the owner of River Parrott catering a local firm who only use local produce and take great pride in the food and drink they supply. Clare will be providing select meals all day and in the evening will have a tasty, value for money meal of the day available.


The events timetable will be worked upon to the last minute but every day we will be having a meet and greet, run around the site, massages available, Mi tune sessions etc but so far the main events and performances are as follows:


Tuesday Question time in the buff, Tea party in the afternoon – bring along your Tiaras & Teddies, early evening one of Andy and Patti quizzes and then to round off the day an Elvis tribute singer


Wednesday Yoga, Art – life drawing, herbal walk and talk around the site, visit to the Somerset Cider Brandy company (all visits are clothes optional and discounted entrance fee payable), food quiz, Billy Bottle and Martine plus guest providing the music in the evening.


Thursday Yoga, visit to Town Tree Nature garden, bling a bag, Land girls talk and War time singalong, and in the evening please be seated in the marquee for 2030hrs for an Après ski night with Baron Von Schmidt Haus


Friday Yoga, beach walk, Art –painting around the lake, visit to Haynes Motor Museum and Barn dance in the evening


Saturday Yoga, Fishing contest and tuition, drum workshop, willow making, open mic night (show off your talents) Robbie Williams experience and traditional disco.


Sunday Yoga, Petqanque Competition, possible farm visit, learn Indian dancing, music in the bar, another great quiz and in the evening a local live band


Monday final farewells
To help with your enjoyment of the festival I have traditionally made up a kit list of items you may or may not wish to bring along. This year you could bring, fishing equipment for the contest (bait provided), musical instrument for the open mic night and a possible jamming session, cowboy hat for the barn dance, teddy and tiara for the tea party, picnic blanket for near the lake, favourite poem or tune for the Mi poem and tune sessions and a couple of bottles of beer for the Mi beer tasting session. I am also bringing along my pedal cycle as the area is flat and the cycling is easy.


If members require accommodation locally BN will be able to provide a number of contacts for self catering, B&B and the like for people to use.




The cost, with entertainment from 0800hrs till late, is:

  • Overnight Camping - BN & INF Members: £20 per person per night
  • Overnight Camping - Non-Members: £30 per person per night
  • Day Visitors - BN & INF Members: £15 per person per day
  • Day Visitors - Non-Members: £25 per person per day
Please note:
  • Non-Members and all day visitors will be asked to provide photo-id when arriving at the site.
  • Children under 17yrs go free
  • Dogs go free but must be kept on a lead
Electrical Hookups


The site has a limited number of electrical hookups in the Village and Quiet areas at an additional cost of £2 per night. Pitches with a hookup are available on a first-come first-served basis and If you wish to have a hookup then please ensure that you select the appropriate option at the time of booking. We plan to provide additional charging points across the site and further details of these will be available nearer the time.


Extra Days


If you wish to arrive before the 5th or stay after the 11th then you can book extra days at £20 per pitch per night. The full booking window is from Monday 4th July to Saturday 16th July: out with these dates you will need to book directly and privately with Thorney Lakes. Unfortunately due to another booking at Thorney Lakes people arriving early will need to stay in the Rally Field and electrical hookups will not be available. You can of course book an extra night in the Rally Field and then move to a pitch in the Quiet or Village areas from the 5th.




Nudefest 2016 is going to be GREAT, it’s in a great location and some great visitors and events have been lined up, all you have to do is book, arrive, strip off and enjoy.


Nudefest Organiser



Attached Image: poster.jpg Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-EN.pdf   308.39KB   2505 downloads
Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-FR.pdf   321.58KB   302 downloads
Attached File  BN-Nudefest-2016-Invitation-DE.pdf   400.7KB   353 downloads
Attached File  nudefest programme 2016.pdf   3.79MB   407 downloads


05 - 11 July 2016

This event is open to the public.




Feb 18 2016 03:19 PM

You should check your German translation, renewals as in membership renewal should be Verlängerung der Mitgliedschaft not Verbesserung which means to improve or improvements.

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Feb 19 2016 05:00 PM

thanks for pointing out the translation error. I will ask the office staff to amend it accordingly.

Nudefest Organiser
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Feb 25 2016 09:19 AM

You say:  "BN is handling all bookings between 4th and 16th July; please DO NOT call Thorney Lakes for bookings on these dates. If people wish to come earlier than the 4th or stay than the 16th (this will be clothed) please have a confirmed booking with BN before contacting Thorney Lakes to reserve the extra days."


Do you mean 11th July rather than 16th July?


Yours nakedly



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Feb 25 2016 04:53 PM

I am following this up Andrew and will post when I get reply.

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Mar 06 2016 01:25 PM



I'm interested in coming, albeit for the Saturday and Sunday only if that's OK.


It would be my first time and I have a question about how prices are charged. Does the overnight camping cost include day-visit access? I.e. for a Saturday / Sunday visit would I pay 2x day access and 1x camping? How is this calculated?


Many thanks,



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Mar 18 2016 05:34 PM

Hi, I'm like Stephen in that I can only attend for two days (Thursday/Friday) with an overnight stay. I see that no response has been provided yet as to how the cost is calculated. I'm currently not a BN member. Thanks.

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Mar 23 2016 07:28 AM


Sorry for the delay in answering the above two questions.
Basically an overnight camping pitch also covers you for a day’s entertainment, meaning if you are stopping two days you would pay for one nights camping and then add on a day’s visitors pass. A day pass will expire when the last act finishes, so if the band stops at 2330hrs add on a reasonable time to gather your things etc and that’s when unfortunately you would have to leave. The camping pitch would have to be made available to others from 1200hrs. This means you would have to get up have breakfast then pack up and move your car to the visitor’s car park ready to leave at the end of the day.
So to answer the original question - for Mark it would cost 1 x overnight camping and 1 x day ticket.

Remember photo ID is required if your not a BN member.

I hope this helps

Nudefest Organiser
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Mar 23 2016 08:50 PM

Good evening


A stupid question, but is there any accommodation for those who don't have a tent?



Shaun Steiner-Goldberg

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Mar 24 2016 11:15 AM

From the forum thread:-


unfortunately there is no accommodation to hire at Thorney Lakes. One suggestion has been for people to contact a glam camping firm and hire in a tent complete with bed etc. This is feasible but something BN would not get involved in other than to facilitate this happening.


If members require accommodation locally BN will be able to provide a number of contacts for self catering,B&B and the like for people to use.

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Mar 26 2016 01:07 AM

Hi all, normally I will be flying in from Bristol. Is there someone who can give me a lift from there and then drive together to the campsite ? If so, give me a message here.



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Apr 30 2016 04:53 PM

I'm going to be travelling to Nudefest by Motorbike and would like to have some pictures taken of me by the bike, on the bike etc. Would this be permissible ?

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May 02 2016 05:12 AM

to answer Steve's question, photography on and off site is an issue, particularly with people using phone cameras more and more. Any photographs have to be done in a sensitive manner, so not to cause offence which applies even outside of naturist circles. I do not have the final say on the use or not of cameras at BN events but I am sure if you come and say hello to me during your stop, we can find a way to obtain the photos you want. One way may be that we ask the official photographer to take some photos of you, and if you dont mind me using them in future Nudefest advertising and you sign the relevant forms to this effect, you and your bike could feature in future advertising.

I hope this helps

Nudefest Organiser
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May 20 2016 08:21 AM
Hi Nigel.the trips to the cider farm & motor museum is there transport laid on or do we have to make our own way there?
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May 21 2016 09:47 PM

Should there be someone who want to pick me up at Yeovil trainstation on tuesday afternoon and give me a ride to the campsite ? Will pay for the trip ofcourse. If someone w

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Jun 13 2016 03:25 AM

sorry Roy this slipped underneath my radar, over your question about transport to and from the cider farm, we will be running some form of transport depending on numbers either a mini bus or taxis. This will be paid (well some of it will, admission fees will make up the rest)out of the £8 charged for the event. Over the Motor Musuem we will be running a car share scheme with people offering to take people who may be car less. Please note timings are quite tight on this visit if people want tea before the evenings entertainment starts.
Hope this helps.

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Jun 27 2016 05:49 PM
Will there be additional electric hookups. We were told to put it on our booking form as a request as the few there had already been taken. You state there will be additional charging points but we are there for 5 nights and our leisure battery is big and heavy and hard to get in and out of the caravan to charge up. I am hoping you really mean electric hookups and not charging points. Hopefully lesley.
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Jun 28 2016 08:07 AM

Posted on the forum yesterday (27/6) by Nigel:-

Over electric we have still to sort this, we have to see the usage of what the various marquee use, allow for other drains on the supply ie for powering the toilet blocks etc and then work out were we can safely install some extra points, with out causing the generator to trip out when everyone gets up.

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Jun 28 2016 08:22 PM

Should there be someone who want to pick me up at Yeovil trainstation on tuesday afternoon and give me a ride to the campsite ? Will pay for the trip ofcourse. And if possible, a lift back on Monday to Yeovil. Send me a message if someone wanna help me out. Thx

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Jun 29 2016 09:24 AM

Don't forget to pack your bikes for a visit and indulgence in the Exeter World Naked Bike Ride in Exeter on Saturday 9th July.  For those without bikes but willing to hire them in Exeter lifts will be available (not sure how many spaces available), hiring available from Saddles and Paddles on the Quay - as far as I know it is £15 half a day or £25 the full day - half a day starts from when you collect the bike (I think).  Contact Grahame - Bailey caravan in the quiet area.

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Jun 29 2016 10:40 AM
So close to nudefest and you are taking a wait and see stance to electric supply! We are paying £40 a night, £200 in total for our stay. This is expensive camping. We have a modern caravan which is not designed to operate for more than an odd night without electric hookup. What do you suggest we do. Perhaps you should consider hiring an addional generator to overcome this unsatisfactory situation. Considering the number of modern caravans at previous nudefests we will not be alone in needing electric supply. Yours hopefully lesley.
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Jun 30 2016 03:58 PM

sorry about the electric, the site only has 50 hook up points and we are having to supply the power to the marquees etc via a generator. What we have spare will be going out to people in the form of extra hook ups, but at the moment we simply dont know what will be spare until the electrician starts to set up the circuit. Yes it would be nice to have electric everywhere but the finances dont run to it. The price of the ticket reflects the cost of the entertainment, extra showers and toilet trailers etc. BN will not be making a profit, we aim to break even with a lot of the mundane jobs, like toilet block cleaning, meet and greet filled by volunteers to keep the cost down. The cost isnt for just camping, its a festival and has always been advertised as such. We are doing are best with a limited budget....

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Jul 05 2016 02:08 PM

What are people supposed to do if they do not have any "Photo ID"?

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Jul 06 2016 07:04 AM

I have contacted the organiser and he said you must provide a BN membership card or another form of photo-id on arrival.

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Jul 06 2016 07:14 AM

to answer the above question in a bit more detail. We are asking for photo ID for the protection of all our members and as part of our licensing conditions. I am aware that this may cause some people a problem but on balance I have to consider and comply with the conditions mentioned.


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Jul 07 2016 08:05 PM

Thanks to all the people I met today at Nudefest, only a day visitor this year, hopefully longer in 2017.

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