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Pinned  WaterWorld 2014

Jun 19 2014 12:17 PM | Kerry James in News

BN have taken over this popular Staffordshire swim after its pending demise was reported in the last issue of BN Magazine. The event, previously hosted by Wirral Naturist club, was being dogged by “tightening financial restraints”. Due to the obvious c...

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Pinned  What is Naturism?

Dec 19 2011 02:00 PM | Edward in About Naturism

What is Naturism? Naturism is the practice of going without clothes. Whatever you may think about people who do such a thing, it is not shameful, embarrassing or ridiculous, in fact when the weather is hot it’s the sensible option – and great fun! I...

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The Bare Reality Project

Sep 16 2014 07:39 AM | Andrew Welch in News

BN speaks to Laura Dodsworth, founder of the Bare Reality project.

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Holkham beach - saved for Naturism by BN

Sep 17 2014 10:23 AM | Andrew Welch in News

It’s not always easy to persuade people to join an organisation, especially one like ours where you need nothing (literally!) to be able to participate. Aside from the benefits our incredibly cheap annual membership offers and the opportunity to be pa...

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BN201 Magazine Autumn 2014

Sep 04 2014 12:46 PM | Edward in Magazine

The latest issue of BN magazine – free to members - is now out.

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BN201 campaigns links

Jul 11 2014 06:04 PM | Malcolm Boura in Campaign Updates

A page of links to support the campaigns article in BN201, Autumn 2014.

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Campaign Update - 29 August 2014

Aug 29 2014 08:06 PM | Malcolm Boura in Campaign Updates

A round up news and events over the past few weeks. There is a lot going on so several things that have not made it into this article. They are providing a flying start to the next one!

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Campaign Update - 21 August 2014

Aug 21 2014 09:55 PM | Malcolm Boura in Campaign Updates

This edition is mainly a collection of links to things of interest. Well I found them interesting. However there are also sections on the naturist picnic planned for Nottingham and the blatant gymnophobia of some police officers in Northern Ireland.

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Glyn Davies Photo Exhibition

Aug 05 2014 11:43 AM | Kerry James in News

Glyn Davies is a professional Landscape Photographer whose recent claim to fame is that the Prime Minister chose two books of his pictures as a wedding gift for the Duke and Dutchess of York.

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Police forces ill prepared to deal with nudity,...

Jul 21 2014 09:46 AM | Kerry James in Press Releases

Research shows very few police forces taking steps to implement new guidance on handling cases of public nudity issued by the Crown Prosecution Service and backed by the Home Secretary.

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Here comes the summer - here comes Nudefest!

Jul 03 2014 11:27 AM | Kerry James in Press Releases

British Naturism are delighted to announce that our flagship summer event, Nudefest, is returning once again to the five star Newperran Holiday Park near Newquay. In this our 50th year, and part of World Naturist Week, we going all out to make this eve...

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