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Pinned  The Great British Skinny Dip – 2nd-4th Septembe...

Jun 03 2015 02:11 PM | selena.evans in News

Do something exhilarating… This great event will provide lots of opportunities for people to try costume-free swimming across many varied locations, having fun, whilst also raising awareness of how many people’s buttoned-up attitude to the human b...

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Pinned  BN 206 - Winter 2015

Dec 04 2015 09:32 AM | Kerry James in Magazine

The winter issue of BN Magazine is now out! It’s free to members. As always, it's a great read and is full of news and views from the world of Naturism. In this issue:The Great British Skinny DipEvent reports, including Nudefest and 'Bare All for Polar...

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Pinned  Tell Your Story!

Mar 18 2015 12:36 PM | Kerry James in News

Naturist women talk about how they discovered Naturism and what it means to them.

Do you have a story you'd like to share? please send it to magazine@bn.org.uk

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Pinned  What is Naturism?

Dec 19 2011 02:00 PM | Edward in About Naturism

What is Naturism? Naturism is the practice of going without clothes. Whatever you may think about people who do such a thing, it is not shameful, embarrassing or ridiculous, in fact when the weather is hot it’s the sensible option – and great fun! I...

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BN Events 2016

Feb 09 2016 02:20 PM | Sharmaine in Press Releases

The Future's Bright - The Future's Naturist! Building on the bumper successes of 2015, the national organisation for Naturism, British Naturism, has set out its plans for 2016 to support the increase in Naturist activity in the UK. More and more people...

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Women in Naturism

Mar 18 2015 12:12 PM | Kerry James in News

It is a fact that Naturism appeals more intuitively to men than women, though women in Naturism are possibly more passionate about it and report a greater life-changing experience. Many women also state that they were introduced to Naturism by a husban...

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House of Lords on Pornography

Feb 02 2016 08:42 PM | Malcolm Boura in News

The 5th Nov 2015 debate was to discuss pornography and what should be done about it. There were some very valuable contributions from some lords, notably those with relevant professional backgrounds such as sociology or psychiatry. Unfortunately the contributions from many others did not share that rigour.

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Naturist Swim at Bordon resumes

Jan 28 2016 02:45 PM | Kerry James in Press Releases

Following a reduction of use by the military, British Naturism is pleased to be invited back to the Garrison Swimming Pool at Bordon, which has now been opened up for use by the public, and other community groups. This means that after a gap of many ye...

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How DOES a lone male get acceptance?

Oct 28 2014 10:50 AM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

Q1 I am a single man and cannot get accepted for membership into a Naturist club Why is this? Reply: I’m sorry to hear of your difficulty in securing membership. There are several reasons why this might happen but I think the main one tends to be...

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BN Members' Holidays for 2016

Dec 18 2015 10:09 AM | Andrew Welch in News

Great destinations to choose from...

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Press release from British Naturism - Naturist...

Nov 10 2015 01:55 PM | Kerry James in Press Releases

Naturists seek new venue for annual summer festival

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