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Pinned  What is Naturism?

Dec 19 2011 02:00 PM | Edward in About Naturism

What is Naturism? Naturism is the practice of going without clothes. Whatever you may think about people who do such a thing, it is not shameful, embarrassing or ridiculous, in fact when the weather is hot it’s the sensible option – and great fun! I...

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Going Natural in Croatia by Caroline

Dec 19 2011 02:21 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

I hadn't thought of naturism until I met my fiancé five years ago, and even when discovering his father was a long time naturist and he too had a preference to be without clothes, I didn't think much of it. Then aged 25, to say my knowledge of...

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The Skin You're In

Jul 04 2012 09:47 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

A short video by Emma Sullivan of Brighton University, featuring BN Youth Officer Daryl Jones, which looks closer at what the attraction of naturism is today.

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A new and a-maze-ing experience by Beth

Dec 19 2011 02:30 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

Recently I attended my first naturist event. It took place at York’s Maize Maze on a sunny Saturday night in July. I had seen an advert for the maze, which mentioned some special events, including “Naked Maze Night”. This intrigued me, so not quite be...

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Diving In by Matt

Dec 19 2011 02:34 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

It was a year ago that my parents first told me they were going to a naturist club on a Friday night. Until then I had been under the impression that they were just going swimming: watching the waistline like most parents. After a few experiences of na...

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Being Natural by Andrew

Dec 19 2011 02:26 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

I suppose it goes back to my birth, I arrived before the midwife got there and when the doctor came he said “where is this natural baby?” So Natural is what I was called in the family. Growing up on the edge of the countryside I spent most of my child...

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A History of Naturism - Timeline

Dec 19 2011 02:48 PM | Edward in History of Naturism

1891 The earliest known naturist club in the world exists in British India. Founded by Charles Edward Gordon Crawford, a widower, who is a District and Sessions Judge for the Bombay Civil Service at Thana. The club's constitution would be acceptabl...

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A History of Naturism

Dec 19 2011 02:39 PM | Edward in History of Naturism

The Moonella Group The first club with any kind of established home was founded near Wickford in Essex in the late summer of 1924. The club adopted the name of the Moonella Group from the club name of the owner of the ground, and called its site The C...

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First Time Experiences - Introduction

Dec 19 2011 02:12 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

If you are curious about naturism, there's really no substitute for experiencing it for yourself. No one can ever truly describe that first-time feeling of freedom from clothes, with your body fully exposed to the sun and the breeze. Swimming wit...

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A new and a-maze-ing experience by Mike

Dec 19 2011 02:31 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

Sitting on a towel on a bench, squinting uncomfortably into the sun to see the band playing on the bus, and suddenly realising you’re naked is something you’d normally expect to be a dream, but it wasn’t a dream, it was Saturday night’s reality. These...

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A Whole New World by Jenny

Dec 19 2011 02:28 PM | Edward in First Time Experiences

Martin and I had seen an advert for a naturist holiday in America and discussed that when funds allowed us we would like to go. At this point in time we were unaware of organisations such as the YBN or naturist clubs and that they existed in the UK. Lo...

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Why don’t we open the gates to potential new me...

Mar 08 2012 01:29 PM | Roni.Fine in Roni Writes...

If Ascot can do it, then it’s good enough for us – Let’s have a Ladies Day, says Roni Fine. A common complaint among naturists is that there are too many men, particularly single ones: I beg to differ: the truth is there are not enough women, married...

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So where do I start?

Sep 10 2015 09:55 AM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

In a recent issue of BN magazine it was suggested that we include more articles on Naturism itself, educating our readership as to history, Naturist principles and issues, and more. It made us think that much of what we publish assumes everyone has been doing it for years and knows everything there is to know… clearly wrong. Here in the first article in what we hope will become a regular feature BN Magazine’s regular columnist Roni Fine offers an introduction to newcomers

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Sometimes Illegal?

Jul 17 2012 07:34 PM | Edward in About Naturism

The third project made through the British Naturism Media/Filmmaking Group explores the confusion about the legality of being nude in public places in England and Wales.

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Nothing to hide

Jan 07 2012 12:29 PM | Andrew Welch in Roni Writes...

“Don’t be scared,” says regular BN contributor Roni Fine, “telling people you are a naturist doesn’t lead you to be outcast by friends and family.” Ask a company for the best form of advertising and the answer will invariably be “word of mouth”. If yo...

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Alphabet Britain

Jan 02 2015 08:53 AM | Andrew Welch in First Time Experiences

After becoming the first woman to make Partner in a London Executive Search Firm, Lucy decided it was time to do something a bit different. So she packed away her suit, exchanged it for a pair of Morris Dancing hankies and some vampire fangs and decide...

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Posed or poised?

Jun 11 2012 12:17 PM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

Should we take a stance over pictures?

Roni Fine asks if there is a need for full-frontal nudity in naturist photography.

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Ladies, come on in – naturism will change your...

Jan 07 2012 12:05 PM | Andrew Welch in About Naturism

At Nudefest2009 a ladies-only session entitled “Women in Naturism” was held, in which experiences were shared, and thoughts and observations on the issues affecting women in naturism discussed. The women present told of how naturism had changed their l...

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How DOES a lone male get acceptance?

Oct 28 2014 10:50 AM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

Q1 I am a single man and cannot get accepted for membership into a Naturist club Why is this? Reply: I’m sorry to hear of your difficulty in securing membership. There are several reasons why this might happen but I think the main one tends to be...

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Clothes Optional

Jul 17 2012 07:52 PM | Edward in About Naturism

An insightful documentary exploring naturist culture within the UK. University of Portsmouth 2012 Producer: Nick Hodgson Director: Louise Peak Writer: Dan Barnes

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Single men – problem or perception?

Oct 29 2014 10:51 AM | Kerry James in About Naturism

British Naturism’s view of the issue

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"I'm New To This, Me!"

Jan 07 2012 11:51 AM | Andrew Welch in Roni Writes...

Roni Fine gives a beginner’s guide to naturism So you’ve decided to become a naturist, now what? Is it that simple - you take your clothes off and that’s it? Well, yes, in principle that’s all you need to do, but there is a whole lot more out there t...

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Don’t create a stir, just spread the word!

Jun 03 2015 01:30 PM | selena.evans in Roni Writes...

When it’s this much fun, don’t you want to tell people?

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Is it really true that clothes maketh the man?

Sep 20 2012 10:11 AM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

Roni Fine on a question which is of material concern to naturists

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Naturism, my bag and me!

Mar 04 2016 01:41 PM | Kerry James in Roni Writes...

Roni Fine spoke to two people who had to deal with a big change in their lives and found how how they overcame it with confidence and dignity

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