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The online booking system for NUDEFEST is now closed. There are still a small number of pitches available so you can still attend the event and pay on the gate to camp or as a day visitor. (Updated 17:33 01-07-2016)

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A new and a-maze-ing experience by Mike

Sitting on a towel on a bench, squinting uncomfortably into the sun to see the band playing on the bus, and suddenly realising you’re naked is something you’d normally expect to be a dream, but it wasn’t a dream, it was Saturday night’s reality. These moments of odd realisation were dispersed throughout the evening at random rather than regular intervals, and although always surprising, were never shocking.

We’d come, Beth and I, to our first naturist event, having seen an advert for the York Maize Maze, which listed amongst the events the Naked Maze Night, and having been intrigued did a little research to discover that it actually meant what it said. We discussed the idea of going, neither of us shy of nudity, and both of us always having been idly interested in the idea of naturism and we decided it would be an opportunity too good to miss for our first try at this unusual activity.

This gave us four days to contemplate what it was we were intending to do, and those four days were full of excited conversations about what it would be like and about our concerns over the event. We had no experience or knowledge to guide us, and our greatest fears were centred on our doing something which, out of our ignorance, would offend others or embarrass ourselves.

I had a conversation, by e-mail, with BN, which was wonderfully reassuring, and patient with my constant questioning, expressing fears about body image, potential embarrassment, photography and so on. My feelings were now very positive, and made me feel that we would be amongst a very warm and welcoming group of people on Saturday.

I also spent these four days on-line, looking at naturist resources to learn what I could about etiquette so as to minimise the risk of doing something inappropriate. Happily what I discovered what all pretty much common sense, except the need to take a towel to sit on. Obvious perhaps, when you think about it, but I don’t think it would have occurred to us otherwise.


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