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Holkham Naturist Beach Campaign


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The beach at Holkham has been used for Naturism since at least the 1930s but out of the blue the Holkham Estate decided to impose a ban. We have been leaving a lot unsaid in the interests of diplomacy. First a quick summary of events so far:
  • August 2012. We met with the Holkham Estate and there was no mention of any problem.
  • March 2013. Holkham Estate contact BN, supposedly to "consult" regarding a "possible" ban.
  • 20 June. Holkham Estate announce a ban.
  • 31 July. One month after the ban started. Update.
  • 11 August. The beach day on 11 August 2013 went ahead on the planned date but in modified form. It was intended to be a low key way of making a point so it was not promoted as a major demonstration.
  • 25 September. Holkham Beach Success. As diplomacy was not having any effect, and due to looming legal deadlines, we commenced the pre-action protocol for judicial review of The Crown Estate decision to ban Naturism on their part of the beach. They backed down within days. The ban on Naturism below mean high water has been lifted.
  • 7 October. Press release on the lifting of the ban.
  • 30 October. Holkham make a planning application for a large cafe and visitor centre in the middle of one of the largest undeveloped areas in the East of England.
  • 6 December. British Naturism make a formal objection to the planning application. Planning application. BN objection. We know that this building development is one of the reasons for the ban, we strongly suspect that it is the real reason.
The work continues but for obvious reasons there is a lot that we are not saying.

We have started a mailing list for everyone interested in what is happening regarding the beach. To join please send an email to saveholkhambeach@bn.org.uk with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Please do all that you can to help, even if it is nothing more than joining British Naturism.

There is members discussion forum.

We hope to create a beach user group. Whether that will be helping the Holkham Estate to combat the problem that they claim is the reason for the ban, or whether it is opposing the Holkham Estate in their attempts to stop people using a beach, well that is up to Holkham Estate.



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