• Campaigning for Naturism

    Naturism, the practice of living some or all of your life without clothes, brings a wide range of health and other personal benefits and is enjoyed by around 4 million people in the UK.  Yet despite this Naturism remains misunderstood which can sometimes lead to prejudice and conflict.

    Perceptions of Public Nudity

    Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in large public events with nudity, ranging from naked bike rides to arts events and these events have gone some way to demonstrate that public nudity is neither alarming or inappropriate. However, whilst mass participation naked events take place without a hitch, individuals in their gardens or remote countryside can and do encounter problems. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the legal position - sometimes the law is vague or confusing - and sometimes it is because people assume that naturism is illegal or jump to the conclusion that the individual must be ‘up to no good’. When these misassumptions extend to individuals in local government, the police or the judiciary this can sometimes lead to them reacting in an incorrect and arbitrary fashion.

    Naturism and the law

    British Naturism campaigns to improve the public understanding of Naturism and to challenge any misconceptions and misinformation particular by those in public office or the media.

    We have a team of members with legal expertise and experience who have had great success with police forces across the UK. Following discussions with the Crown Prosecution Service, the CPS has published guidance for legal authorities and British Naturism has produced handy pocket legal guidance notes for naturists in England and Wales and Scotland.

    Our team also provide direct advice and assistance to members who may find themselves subject to potential legal action on the basis of misunderstanding or prejudice.

    Censorship and Body Image

    Naturists are a range of shapes and sizes. More and more, body images represented in advertising and the media are 'picture-perfect'. British Naturism promotes positive self-body image, BN is campaigning to prevent censorship of nudity and is promoting the use of normal positive body images. We challenge instances of censorship which impact on free-speech, self-expression and personal freedom. We respond to government consultations, lobby MPs, peers and the government, and support individuals and organisations that share our views and concerns.

    Children Deserve Better

    This year we produced our landmark "Children Deserve Better" Report. This report contains evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children. It includes discussion of body image, sex education, teenage pregnancy, breasts and breast feeding, slut walking, freedom of expression, internet filtering, blocking and censorship, sexting and more.

    Campaign Teams

    Most campaigning is carried out by volunteers working in small teams who are developing systems to support small team working. Please contact us if you can help in any way: find out more about volunteering with BN under 'Volunteering' in the Members Area. We particularly need people with legal experience, people who are willing to reach out and engage with local authorities and people who can prepare briefing materials for a wide range of broadcast, print and new media.


    This site contains a wide range of briefing notes, guidance and links to other websites that include useful campaign resources.  You can find some of our information and briefing notes here and further information will be added soon.

    Further Information

    For further information please contact campaigns@bn.org.uk