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  • Legal Guides - Public Place Naturism By Edward

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    There are two legal guides; one for Scotland and one for England and Wales. Please ensure that you download the correct version. Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have a legal system that we believe can be relied upon to maintain order and to support us in times of need. We have confidence in the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Judiciary to act impartially and that their processes operate in a fair, consistent and transparent manner. However this is not always the case when it comes to Naturism in public places. There are times when public nudity seems to be condoned or even positively supported by the police, such as during the World Naked Bike Ride events, and others when people are presumed to be breaking the law and arrested for no other reason than that they are naked in a public place. "All too often we see innocent Naturists falling foul of the law, not because of their actions, but because of confusion within the law and a lack of understanding by the police and CPS" - Malcolm Boura, Campaigns Director. Here at British Naturism we not only campaign to change and improve the law with regard to Naturism in public places, but are also working to help educate the police and magistrates with regard to the law, to try and overcome the presumption that public nudity is inherently illegal and those who practice it are inevitably up to no good. We do this both through proactive engagement with all branches of the legal system - including Parliament - as well as by providing legal advice and support to our members. You may also be interested in legal guidance on Nudity in Public which has been produced by the Crown Prosecution Service following representations from British Naturism and others. Please donate to support this work British Naturism is an organisation run by volunteers with a small paid staff and we rely on income from members subscriptions to be able to do our work – on behalf of all Naturists. We’ve prepared this Legal Guidance for everyone and it is free to download from the button above, but please consider making a donation to our legal fund to help us defray the cost of producing it, we suggest a minimum of £2. If you are not a member of BN, please consider joining us, it only costs the equivalent of a few pounds a month but the support and help it gives us is invaluable. Donate Here
  • BN Children Deserve Better Report 2016 By malcolm.boura

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    British Naturism is the national organisation for Naturists in the UK, with over 9000 active members, and representing the interests of almost 4 million Naturists nationwide. We share a philosophical belief in a natural naked lifestyle, in harmony with nature, with their counterparts all over the world. We believe that children should be brought up and kept safe in an environment of openness and body honesty. They should know about how their bodies work, what happens to them at puberty and what a normal consensual sexual relationship is, before they experience it as adults. This should be done ideally by bringing up children in a Naturist environment where body honesty is key, but otherwise through good, explicit, factually correct and non-judgemental sex and relationships education through the prime educators: parents, teachers and organisations like the BBC. Bringing children up in such an environment, with wholesome, honest and open body attitudes leads to better sexual health outcomes for young people, fewer body image disorders, and more sensible attitudes to life. Prudery, not openness or nudity, harms children. We want children to be innocent, but not ignorant. We believe that body openness and honesty protects children from the possible harmful effects of inappropriate material. They should find out about sex and how their bodies work from good education and openness instead of glamour and pornography. Children are naturally curious and if their curiosity is not answered openly then they will seek answers anywhere they can. Blocking will not prevent them as they can usually circumvent it with a facility that adults may not believe possible. There is objective evidence that those beliefs are well founded, unlike some other beliefs. British Naturism’s Children Deserve Better, 2016 report sets out our views using evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites – as such it makes essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children and/or internet censorship. It addresses the issues and analyses the reasons why it has proved so difficult for the UK to adopt the policies that are known to work. The report is both critical of the failures of the past to follow best practice and optimistic for the future. It explains how, with very little expenditure or effort, the well-being of children could be greatly improved. It is just necessary to follow the evidence instead of myth. We are confident that significant advances could be made quite quickly but there is considerable social inertia to overcome - it would be a generational project. We must address the body-attitudes which result in the UK being amongst the poorest performers in the western world. It can be done and the time to start is now. It is long overdue that “Think of the children” really did mean “think” instead of it being a slogan to stifle debate and hinder progress. It is long overdue that policy was firmly evidence based; rigorous, objective evidence instead of myth and misconceptions. It is long overdue that “Putting children first” really did mean that the welfare of children took precedence over adult myths, dislikes, and embarrassment. Malcolm Boura, British Naturism’s Campaigns Director said:  
  • What is Naturism? By Edward

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    What is Naturism leaflet, available for you to download.
  • BN 213 Autumn 2017 By Edward

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    BN 213 is now at the printers and will be despatched around the end of September. Prepare yourselves for a real treat - the issue is packed with the usual wide range of news, views and articles that show the vibrancy and fun of our world. In this issue: Catch up on a summer of fabulous events, including reports from Nudefest, The Gathering and the World Naked Bike Rides, among many others.  Looking ahead, check out our great events calendar for the next few months, including our range of popular group holidays; Breaking down the barriers - we find out how two clubs have reached out to their local communities to raise their profiles and normalise Naturism; We review a range of books that the discerning Naturist reader may find relevant and interesting; How do we encourage the next generation of Naturists?  We find out - and one young woman tells us her story of growing up as a Naturist.  We also hear from the resurgent YBN and hear what they've been doing this summer; Our campaigns update brings you up to speed with our new 'Just One Person' initiative - who will you tell? Our legal update will give you a good overview of the law in regard to sunbathing in your  garden; Our holiday and travel section takes us to Northern Europe, including the lovely Erding Spa in Munich, as well as the UK's very fine Clover Spa.  Further afield we explore Lake Como Naturist Resort and also the delights of Western Australia and the beaches of New South Wales; All this, plus our usual round up of BN management matters and other Naturist news from around the world. BN Magazine is available to members only and issued four times a year as part of the annual subscription. If you are not a member, you can join us at and get your own copy and other benefits as well. We hope you enjoy it!

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    • Event Horizon
      Cases in 2017 have found Public Nudity NOT to be Disorderly. Guidance will be reviewed.
    • Guest corporal
      I find the CVPS guidlines mostly helpful, but the following quote troubles me, "Given that someone conducting their business naked in public is acting in a way that does not conform to the normal standards of society that require people to be clothed in public, 'disorderly' would appear to most aptly describe this behaviour". I strongly disagree that simply doing anything that is not seen as the norm is disorderly. I could name a score of things people do in public every day that I wouldn't regard as normal but I wouldn't call them disorderly, just strange or unusual. This one sentence skews the balance against naturism and towards intolerance. I would welcome B.N. comments and hope for campaign efforts to modify this stance.
    • dave_t
      As a novice naturist I feel better knowing I belong to a national organisation. B.N. needs support to make things better for ALL naturists plus it would be great if the membership was in the millions. This would give the lobbyists and legal team much more bargaining power to make our cause safer and more enjoyable.
    • brian.johnson
      I have taken the liberty of sending the following email to my MP  
    • CliveRymer
      This is very important, to give people confidence that they are enjoying a wholesome and appropriate lifestyle as naturists