• Naturism is ... Liberating!

    "The thought of nudity is scarier than nudity itself"

    When you shed your clothes you also shed just a few of the burdens of everyday life.

    The feeling of liberation, discovery and freedom is something that you cannot describe.



    Ladies on the lawn.jpg

  • ... Healthy

    Our skin benefits from exposure to light and air.

    A 2015 survey proved that Naturists have higher self-esteem and better body confidence.



  • ... Friendly

    Naturism is great for single people as well as families and children alike – it’s an activity that all the family can do together.

    Naturist children are happy, well-adjusted and safe; they grow up with a better understanding of what will happen to their bodies and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor life.



  • ... Active

    Holidays, Beaches, Clubs, Swims, Walking, Sporting, Camping and 'Glamping' (and why not!)

    Things to do – you’ll wonder how you did without us - come to an event, find your nearest club or swim, go on a Naturist holiday (including group holidays just for BN Members), get involved with the British Naturism members’ online community, and sign up for free newsletters.




  • ... Legal!

    We know you were wondering!

    There is no offence of 'nudity' in English law otherwise we wouldn't be here and thousands of people wouldn't cycle naked through our towns and cities each year. But the law can be confusing and some people incorrectly assume that simple nudity can be harmful - especially to children.

    Here at BN we campaign to improve the understanding of the law and challenge misconceptions about social nudity. 




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    British Naturism is the internationally recognised representative body for naturists in the UK, so come on and dive in!




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