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Media Centre


Welcome to the BN Media Centre. Here you will find easily accessible information to help you with your media project or research. Whilst a largely volunteer organisation, we have lots of experienced in successfully dealing with media enquiries, working with film and TV companies, radio stations, national, regional and local newspapers and magazines, photographers, as well as many students as part of their media studies.

We can help you find people, places and stories via the BN Media Group - a collection of our members who have actively offered to participate in promoting Naturism.

Many clubs and other groups will happily invite you to experience naturism in action for yourself - there really is no substitute for trying it. A lot of our events are open for media attendance too.

Please get in touch and tell us more about what you need. We look forward to helping you.

Initial enquiries to Andrew Welch, Commercial Manager, commercial.manager@bn.org.uk, 01753 481527 or 07774 955138

Some general information which may be of use is:

British Naturism

30 - 32 Wycliffe Road,


NN1 5JF.

Tel: 01604 620361