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    British Naturism Magazine - BN195 Spring 2013

    Did you know that British Naturism will be 50 years old next spring? That’s obviously a great cause for celebration and already we have lots of good ideas, including a major exhibition on the history of Naturism. However, we need lots of pairs of hands to make it all work and in BN 195, Philip Baker explains how YOU can get involved.

    As we approach our golden anniversary, many more Naturists and Naturist clubs are coming out from behind the hedges and making themselves known to the world. Magazine editor Martin Warrillow has been speaking to one of the most active clubs in terms of winning publicity - his interview with them could give you lots of ideas which could help bring new people into the wonderful world of naturism.

    There have been lots of changes for the good at BN recently and Martin has been talking to our three new recruits working at Head Office in Northampton - and he’s found that, like almost all Naturists, they are really nice people!

    The spring edition also features full details of our Big Days Out calendar for 2013 and has full details of how you can book your places at Nudefest, Alton Towers and the new-look National Convention weekend which, for the first time, will host our annual general meeting.

    Travel reports in this issue come from Spain and her islands with a look at some well-known venues and hidden gems, as well as how ladies are leading the way on Formentera’s clothes-optional beaches, while there is plenty of news, as always, from BN’s clubs.

    All this and a positively bulging section of reports from our clubs, What's On listings, swim and sauna details and much more.

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