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    Infiniti delivers endless delight – yet again!

    Last year, the first-ever BN holiday went to Infiniti and was just a week long.

    This year, it started on July 4 and carried on until July 21, some two-and-a half weeks. Guests variously stayed for one week, 10 days, 14 days and, in one instance, for the full 17 days. This meant that numbers at Infiniti were light at the start of the holiday and also at the end, but with a full compliment during the middle part. Generally, those who were with us last year stayed longer this year. There were also some non-BN residents there, and they readily joined in with us.

    There were no complaints about the accommodation at all; in fact, guests were delighted with the luxurious and very comfortable apartments they were allocated, with the pool and lounging area immediately in front of them all.

    Infiniti is a self-catering resort; that gave our budding Egon Ronay, former Midlands rep Ian Walker, the opportunity to once again prepare and host delicious three-course dinners from his apartment in what became known as “Stumpy’s Diner.” The meals were accompanied by plenty of wine, which flowed like the conversation of everyone at the table.

    The weather was hot, but always accompanied by a welcome breeze which made lying out in the sun a very pleasant experience.

    The sea was very warm, though a little rough on some days. This was great for budding surfers and for wave-jumping, but not so good for the unsteady wanting just to dip their toes in the water.

    Interestingly, there were quite a few textiles on the beaches. It would seem that during Spanish school holidays, the locals take to the beach but are not inclined to strip off. This had the effect that many genuine naturists felt uncomfortable to strip off, but when I and others did so, many of them followed. At no time did we see or hear of any negative reaction from the textiles, who obviously had seen it all.

    One disappointment was that our favourite evening haunt last year, Flintstones, was closed for the first week while owner Mark took his first holiday in seven years, to Barcelona. Other local hostelries were sought and found, with a return to Flintstones for karaoke and first-class entertainment when Mark finally reopened.

    On Tuesdays, he holds a comic evening which apparently was highly praised by inspectors from Tripadvisor, who organised a night there.

    Trips were held to other parts of the island, including to El Cotillo with its lagoons in the North and down to the white sandy beaches in the South. On the last Monday, there was an organised snorkelling trip.

    Feedback was very positive, with many expressing an interest to go back there next year. Details have not yet been finalised, but anyone interested can register for an update on information as soon as it is available. If you would like to know more, send me an email at membersholiday@bn.org.uk

    Finally, it would be very remiss not to give a mention to Ian and Brenda, two of the owners of the resort; in the absence of managers Sue and Ray who were on holiday, they looked after our every need. They made us very welcome and were always on hand to ensure our comfort.

    Roll on 2013!

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