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Young British Naturists - YBN


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If you are aged under 30 then Young British Naturists (YBN) is the UK group for you. We have hundreds of members and arrange events both here and in Europe. YBN allows you the opportunity to enjoy freedom from clothes and the fun it brings with people of your own age. Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some grew up with Naturist parents and for others YBN is their first Naturist experience.

Once you are a member of British Naturism you are automatically a part of YBN. You can join us here.

Visit the YBN website

What do you do?
During the summer months we organise visits to Naturist clubs all around the UK, usually camping, and get groups together to attend BN’s big events. During the day we laze in the sun, swim, play sports and visit the bar. In the evenings we have discos and bands or have a night out in the local area or town. Some years we organise a holiday abroad somewhere hot & sunny! The International Naturist Federation host the annual Youth Rally in May which moves around European destinations, and we go in force, enjoying a few days of fun, entertainment and activities with young Naturists from other countries. In 2012 we are planning to organise a big summer sports event to tie in with and celebrate the London 2012 Olympics – remember that the original Olympics in Ancient Greece were always done naked!

Isn't it too cold in winter?

Of course it is! During the winter months we attend more indoor events like various naturist swims around the country. We also meet up for pub and nightclub outings, and have a special winter weekend so that we can all get together.

I've never tried Naturism before!
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That's not a problem. We understand that a YBN visit is often a first Naturist experience. There is no pressure to undress so it's a great way to try. Many people have been apprehensive undressing on their first time, but once they've done it wonder what the big problem was in the first place!

Body conscious?
Being nude with others is not embarrassing. First-timers often remark how quickly they feel comfortable wearing nothing and seeing others unclothed - in fact, it's easy to forget that everyone is naked…and just because they are doesn’t make for a sexually-charged atmosphere either.

Nobody wants to see me naked!
Actually, no one is looking at your body; in fact, newbies tend to avoid looking as if their lives depend on it! We’re interested in YOU as a person, which is not defined by what you look like, because that’s the point! Naturism is one of the best ways to become more confident! Equally you should never be ashamed to let people know how confident you are about yourself! What we do is safe, legal, and healthy; there is no need to “admit” to naturism! YBN instills the true values of body acceptance and shows us that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of and is in the truest sense natural. There is no pressure to join in anything you don't want to, and we are confident you will find your feet in no time.

How do you keep in touch?
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We have a secure internet message board for YBN which is used to discuss events, meet people all over the UK and get to know those in your local area. We have calendars to see what youth events are coming up and when, also for members to advertise their own events, as-well as a gallery to post their Naturist pictures. It's a great place to get to know people discussing anything from general chit chat to organising lifts to events.

Read our Youth related Articles for more info about YBN...

Some comments from some our members:

"Why didn't I join sooner?"

"The people are so friendly, and my own age"

"Once I got over the initial unusual feeling of being naked, I started to feel natural and normal around people, and completely forgot I wasn't dressed"

"I look forward to going to as many events as possible!"

“Joining YBN was the best thing I ever did!! - I wish everyone could try it”

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"YBN is great fun. We've travelled to loads of new places home and abroad, met loads of people and made some great friends."

You can also read several articles from YBN and BN members about their first time experiences of Naturism.

So come and join us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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British Naturism

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Tel: 01604 620361