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    Holkham Beach

    Holkham, on the north coast of Norfolk, is one of the best sandy beaches in the country and has long had a naturist section towards its western end. It's a very gently shelving beach so the sea goes out a long way and there's plenty of room for everybody.

    There was a period in 2013 where we lost the official use of this beach although it was regained after much work by BN. The official naturist area is below the high-tide line. The beach is best if you choose a day when low tide will be early afternoon. Natural England, who manage that section of the beach, have asked that we keep within the designated area. The official area should be marked by signs on the beach. Please do not use the dunes at the back of the beach or the area outside the signs.

    The winter storms did severe damage to the dunes and the entire front row was washed away. Marram grass is starting to appear so given time it will recover but it is very fragile. It is important that we distance ourselves from any problems that there might be in the dunes.

    For both those reasons please keep well away from the dunes and we suggest at least a hundred metres. Please do speak to anybody jeopardising the future of the beach by not acting responsibly but do not put yourself at risk. This is not the place to push boundaries.

    At low tide the beach is a long wide expanse of golden sand, and at high tide the beach gets well washed. The beach is on a very exposed coast, since the next land north is the Arctic circle so do try to carry that wind breaker - the car is a two mile round trip walk if you find you have left anything behind. Even paradise has its problems.

    On the A149 coast road at Holkham Hall turn off and park on Lady Anne's Drive, paying a fee to the Holkham estate. Here you are faced with a choice either head towards the beach and turn left and walk for about a mile along the sand or walk through the woods. On a hot sunny day this can be the best decision, the only bad news is that you must be dressed but it is a great walk all the same, and the beach is well worth any effort.

    This map (from Open Street Map) shows at the red star the turning into Lady Ann's Road, which is the car park for the beach (pay-and-display). It is opposite the Victoria pub, so the postcode NR23 1RG will get you to the turning. The blue star is where you will park if the car park is not too full, then there is a walk to the beach which starts roughly at the black star. It is possible to walk along the beach, or for easier walking go along the path behind the beach past the holiday cottage to the crossroads and then turn right for the beach.


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