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  • Drive into St Osyth village and take the minor road south to Hutleys caravan park. At the sea wall, pay the car park fee. In the past you could then drive along the dirt rough beach track for about a mile to this official beach. Alas the winter of 2003 was harsher than other years and the middle part of this track is now unsuitable for cars. Reasonably fit people can still walk to the naturist section, but you will need to plan ahead. Our recommendation is to walk along about an hour and a half before high tide and return an hour and a half after high tide. In between these times, you may be trapped on the beach.

    The beach is dry powdery sand with a lot of grass and being on the river it can have a fair amount of rubbish. The end of the naturist section is fenced off where a nature reserve starts.

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    You need to be aware that this beach (or the area behind it more towards the far end) seems to have been taken over by a fraternity that indulges in somewhat unsavoury activity. You may not feel safe or comfortable, especially if you're going alone. Best to keep to the beach itself and stay at the nearer end if planning a visit.

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