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    03 December 2018 11:00      15:00

    Please join us for a walk of about 6 miles. This is one of a series of monthly naturist walks in East Sussex or Kent by a friendly group who will make you welcome. For further information please contact keithpalmer17@yahoo.com.

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    03 December 2018 18:15      20:00

    Do you feel that life has more to offer but you hold yourself back?
    Want to improve your body confidence and self-esteem? 
    Intrigued about how Doria Yoga could help you?
    I am starting a 6 week course in growing your body confidence through yoga.
    This course will start fully clothed with the option to remove layers as your confidence grows.
    This is a class aimed at women between the ages of 30-50.
    Imagine feeling confident, happy with your body, happier with life and being able to do the things you want to do without being fearful.
    If you're curious to find out how I can help you then at namaste@doriayoga.com    There are a limited number of spaces available. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   I look forward to hearing from you and beginning your journey.    

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    03 December 2018 20:00      21:00

    Swim at Plympton Swimming Pool on the outskirts of Plymouth. Families welcome.
    8pm until 9pm
    Formore information visit: http://plymouthsunclub.org.uk/swim

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    03 December 2018 20:00      21:30

    Due to popular demand, I have introduced a Beginners Naked Yoga Course.
    Women & Men of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages and physical abilities are welcome to attend.
    All you need is yourself, a bottle of water and a towel, mats are provided but places are limited.
    The studio is equipped with infrared heaters so you will experience the pleasant feeling of warmth all over your body.
    There are a number of reasons to practice naked:
    While our society often equates being naked with sex, other cultures have found that being naked removes many social and economic barriers. It is also very freeing to move the body without the restriction of clothing, and yoga provides a great way to deepen body acceptance. Also, being naked can bring up many of our vulnerabilities. By facing these fears in the context of a safe and supportive community we naturally become more grounded and comfortable with ourselves.
    At only 5 minutes walking from Clapham North Station, the exact address will be given only after your booking is confirmed.
    To book your spot please email me at namaste@doriayoga.com stating "Monday Beginners Naked Yoga" on the subject. 

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