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    14 April 2018

    MBNC welcomes applications from families, couples, and singles. The second Saturday of each month is a good time to make your first to our site, Silverglades as we can guarantee committee members will be on site to greet you. If you wish to visit and / or apply for membership please get in touch by email enquiries@mbnc.org.uk or mobile 07467 246690

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    14 April 2018      21 April 2018

    Saturday 14 - Saturday 21 April
    El Portús, Spain
    Apartments and mobile homes set in spectacular scenery right on the naturist beach, swimming pool, restaurant, bar and spa. Self-catering.
    Likely activities: Group spa session and discount on treatments all week, liqueur factory visit, historical tour of Cartagena, group meals and some evening entertainment. 

    BN Members Holiday
    Please contact BN’s travel partner and main sponsor Chalfont Holidays to book:
    Web: www.chalfontholidays.co.uk/resort/group-holidays/#tab-id-3
    Tel: 01753 740176
    Email: info@chalfontholidays.co.uk

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    BN Members Holidays
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    14 April 2018 17:00      20:30

    ***Please note this event is not going ahead on this date, but the session scheduled for 12th May will be - and at a reduced price***
    Naturist use of high-end spa facilities in Harrogate. Massage and other treatments are available (but these are not Naturist). Please refer to the Eden Spa web site for details of treatments and prices. Note: Treatments must be booked and paid for in advance.
    Our concept is to offer high-end spa facilities to those people who might shy away from the 'traditional naturist lifestyle' but would like to experience for the first time or continue to enjoy public bathing textile-free. To this end, we have agreed with Harrogate Borough Council to use the Harrogate Turkish Baths. Our policy is to insist on our clients respecting that whilst the spa areas including the jacuzzi are textile-free, robes and footwear must be worn in the rest areas, corridors and in the café for refreshments. This is out of respect for the staff that belong to the baths, and also to give a sense of comfort to a new generation who might only be used to continental spas where this is the expected etiquette. 
    We will be fully-inclusive, with no barriers to gender or sexuality. Our events will be mixed gender, with no restrictions on single people. We will, however, have a no-tolerance policy for those clients engaging in overt public displays of affection or making others feel uncomfortable through inappropriate sexual behaviour or conversation.

    Contact details for Eden Spa:
    Website: http://edenspaexperience.com/
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/edenspa.experience/
    Mobile: 07824 513734

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    17 November 2018 18:00      21:00

    This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Spectrum swim meets most Saturdays of the year at the Morris Centre, Birmingham. Please contact the club before attending. See http://www.spectrumclub.org.uk/

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    14 April 2018 18:15      20:15

    The Chesterfield Swim takes place at Princes Sports Club (formerly the Manor Sports Club), Old Road,
    Brampton, Chesterfield S40 3QT.
    Access is along a tree lined driveway from Old Road - watch out for the speed bumps!
    The facilities include an 18 metre swimming pool, a sauna, hot tub and steam room.
    Admission is £7 with children only admitted as part of a family group.
    For more information, contact the organiser andrewcalow@hotmail.com or phone 0114 2215579.

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