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    30 June 2018

    June 30th    Event time: TBC  

    Take part in the adventurous annual event at Dolcoed and build your own homemade go cart. The go cart can be made of absolutely anything and the only rules that apply are;
    1.    A minimum of 3 wheels
    2.    Must have steering
    There are prizes for the;
    1.    Best Fancy Dress and Go Cart
    2.    Fastest Lap
    3.    Furthest Distance
    Early Booking is essential
    Visit: www.dolcoed.co.uk 
    Email: jo@dolcoed.co.uk
    Phone: 01559 395820

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    30 June 2018 11:00      15:00

    Everyone is invited to a BBQ at Malcolm and Pamela's place. It is clothing optional and reluctant partners are very much welcome. The weather forecast is brilliant so the gazebo will be to keep the Sun off and not the rain! It it is not essential but please try to let us know if you are coming. It helps with the planning..
    We will provide bread, condiments, sauces etc. so don't bring these. Please bring whatever you want to put on the BBQ and your own drink. If you can bring either a salad or dessert for sharing (one item only) that is much appreciated. Please contact us so that we can coordinate the food.
    The BBQ is followed by the Mildenhall swim and take-aways. If the weather is as good as forecast then that also will be in the garden. Go on, make a day of it.
    See website diary for details. 

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    30 June 2018 12:00      22:59

    A peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture. A celebration of the bicycle and also a celebration of the power and individuality of the human body. A symbol of the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic. The world's biggest naked protest: 50+ cities and thousands of riders participate worldwide, including around 3,000 in the UK each year.
    In 2018, rides take place across the UK between 1 June and 21 July, and we expect several thousand riders. Sign-up on the WNBR main page (www.worldnakedbikeride.org/) and select the UK Folkestone event where all the directions to the event are available.
    https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=wnbr folkestone
    Meet on the Green at Shearway Road, CT19 4RH
    Please visit the link above to ensure you have the updated meeting times and joining instructions.

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    30 June 2018 15:30      18:30

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    16.30 to 19.30 at Worsley pool Complex, Walkden. M28 3AB
    We are a family friendly swim run by members for members where the simple pleasure of naturism is enjoyed by both younger and older members of the family in a warm safe environment.
    Enjoy warm pools for swimming and exercise, sauna and steam rooms for detoxification and de-stress, lounge for rest and refreshment.
    Open to all BN members and continental style naturists who enjoy acceptance of naturism  as part of a healthy life.
    No membership required. Qualified therapeutic care available in the form of professional massage and healing.
    Check www.northwestnaturists.co.uk
    Please contact us for registration before attending.
    By e-mail nwnswim@googlemail.com
    Or phone/text 07947 645369 .
    Please bring photo ID on your first visit

    The cost per person for the 3 hour event is,
    Standard £10 BN members £5
    Under 21 (proof of age may be asked for) £5
    Under 16's free

    As we are affiliated with British Naturism we prefer everyone who attends our events to be members of British Naturism, There are many benefits to membership which include access to many swims and clubs, access to the BN website and forums where friendship and advice about all things naturist in this country and abroad can be found, Please consider joining BN however if your not a BN member please contact us as we welcome all genuine naturists and of course those who are new to naturism.

    Remember unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

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    30 June 2018 15:30      17:30

    Swim and sauna at Mildenhall in Suffolk. It is about 20 minutes drive north east of Cambridge.
    The swim is followed as usual by take-away to a nearby members house. Tea, coffee, sauces, crockery etc provided.
    Additionally it is preceded by a BBQ starting at 12:00.
    See website for details. 

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    22 December 2018 18:00      21:00

    This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Spectrum swim meets most Saturdays of the year at the Morris Centre, Birmingham. Please contact the club before attending. See http://www.spectrumclub.org.uk/

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    30 June 2018 18:15      20:15

    For some time I've wanted the region to have a charity night and so I've organised one on Saturday 30th June. The venue will be Princes Sports Club - where we have the Chesterfield Swim. It's a swim night with the usual facilities, but we've also the use of the patio area for table tennis, petanque. I'm also putting on refreshments.
    I'm selling tickets (numbers are limited) priced at £8-00 each. This is an increase on the normal cost, but it will cover refreshments. Tickets will be on sale at the next Chesterfield Swim on 9th June.
    Any surplus from the event will be sent to a children's charity.

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