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    Mon 25 May 2020      Fri 05 Jun 2020

    As the situation around us changes we fine ways to move forward... 

    And I'm excited to let you know that our June 2020 Naked Yoga Retreat  is going online.   And hopefully that will open up the possibility for more of you to be able join this year 🙂

    So I hope you'll join us for a week of immersive and delightful yoga practice.    As always, we approach the yoga from a point of non-duality, embracing the whole, both the spiritual and the sensual., and the yoga in itself is invited as an enquiry, never imposing demands on the body
    As well as the yoga classes we'll be having optional daily group 'check in' in case you have any extra questions about the yoga or your practice, or just to say hello and have a chat.  I'll also be sharing tips on how to make the most of your yoga retreat week at home.

    All you'll need is a yoga mat, a webcam or a laptop or device with a webcam (unless you want to join audio only), a good speaker either on your laptop or device, or detachable speakers to hear my instructions well, perhaps a few cushions...  And also a fairly good wifi connection.  (I've explained below in more detail how to check the strenght of your wifi connection)

    So put up a picture of a palm tree on your wall, open your windows, or even take your mat out in the garden if your signal is strong enough, and join us for a a beautiful week...
    Summer Online Retreat Schedule

    The Retreat runs from May 31 - June 5 2020

    We will start on Sunday 31st May  with a welcome meeting 6.00-7.00pm, in order to say hello, ask any questions and to make sure all of our set-up is working smoothly, and to have an introducion about how we will be working throughout the week.

    Between Monday 1st June and Friday 5th June we will have progressive daily yoga classes between 9.30-11.15am

    On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will also have classes in the late afternoon from 4.30-6pm

    In addition to this, during the retreat we will have a scheduled optional daily 'check in' , to talk about any questions or queries you have regarding yoga or your yoga practice, or just to have a chat and catch up.

    Of course, although we'd love you to attend all of the yoga classes, they are all optional, and if you miss or can't make any classes, I will send you an audio recording of the class for you to do in your own time.  

    I will also be sharing tips and advice on how to make the most of your retreat week at home....
    For more details Pricing and how to book your place, please contact Annette at nakedyogalondon@gmail.com Hurry, places are limited.

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    Wed 03 Jun 2020      Tue 09 Jun 2020

    You are warmly invited to join us on an inner journey in this safe, peaceful and magical haven in the quiet hills of Northernm Ibiza.   An opportunity to dive deeper into your yoga practice and become one with nature, as you practice, (or enquire into the possibility of practicing), yoga naked in a spirit of sensitivity and respect, and surrender to the infinite possibilities of delight available to us in the present moment.
    The naked yoga retreat is suitable for all levels, including experienced yogis who would like to deepen their practice and also those new to yoga, alternatives will be offered as the sessions progress.   And similarly, the retreat is suitable for both those who already comfortable with nudity, and also those for whom nudity is a challenge.
    Contact Annette at www.nakedyogalondon.co.uk for full details and early bird pricing.

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    Fri 05 Jun 2020 13:00      14:00

    This event repeats every week until 06/07/20

    Join Georgia from Stripped Back Yoga live from Bristol, a perfect way to sample Naturism in the comfort of your own home.
    Make sure you have some space, check for any objects or hazards around you, and have some water nearby too. If you have a mat, please roll it out, if you don't, that's ok too - just make sure the surface is safe.
    Try to enjoy the movements, don't worry if it's hard or your body isn't working how you'd like just yet. Yoga is all about the practice not the perfect - so just be present and see what happens.
    Don't overdo it! This is important for new and seasoned yogis. Listen to your body; if you are tired, rest, if something doesn't feel right, don't do it - it's not a competition so take it easy, enjoy the practice.
    Music – At home, put your favourite yoga playlist, favourite album or any music on if you like. When you initially connect your computer, your microphone will be muted automatically.
    Each session is open to everybody from £5.00 with no future commitment - Why not give it a go?
    Book your session HERE
    British Naturism and INF members get a whopping 40% off making most sessions from £3.00, details on how to register the discount on the member's forum

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    Online Events
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    Fri 05 Jun 2020 17:50      20:00

    We are going to have a Virtual Quiz Night in Northern Ireland, and you are very welcome to join us
    Please go to the Events Calendar, select SANER region and click on Virtual Quiz Night for Friday and let us know that you are coming.
    The Login details for the ZOOM meeting are on the Forum Thread for "Virtual Quiz Night"
    Looking forward to seeing you then
    Any questions or problems contact me @Gary89 and I will try to help

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    Fri 28 Aug 2020 18:00      21:00

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    Max's Garden
    Max's Garden is a tranquil naturist environment allowing guests to relax, swim and enjoy our spa facilities in a tropical surrounding, in the heated "Bubble" all year round. The garden area has sun loungers, bbq, and a fire pit. Situated between Worthing and Horsham with Brighton only 20 miles away. We welcome genuine naturists and their families.
    Friday nights is a  Spa evening
    Enjoy a 3 hour spa session, these are open to anyone aged 18 and over.
    Swimming Pool
    Indoor Bubble for Social Activities
    Camping and Caravanning
    Please visit our website www.maxsgarden.net for bookings.
    Or give us a ring on 07766 826972 or 07854 377427

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