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    Sun 29 Mar 2020 13:00      15:30

    In preparation for arranging naturist rambles in the West Midlands this summer, there will be a clothed meeting for a pint and a chat in Birmingham on Sunday 29th March at 2pm. It will also be general social for anyone into Naturism or interested in finding out more about it.
    The venue is The Railway Pub, Hill St, Birmingham B1 1PU.
    The centre of Birmingham as its probably the easiest place for people to get to from all directions. New St train station is 50yds away from the pub and 90% of buses stop not too far away. Driving into the city centre on a Sunday afternoon is not too bad and there is some free parking in side streets available if you look around.
    For those arriving at New St Station, stand facing the large departure and arrival boards. Turn and face left. Walk towards the main exit doors and just after passing the gates to the platforms on your right you will see a smaller station exit on your right that takes you out to Hill St. Take that exit, go down the steps into Hill St.
    To make it easy for you to spot us, there will be a copy of the “Sutton Coldfield Observer” newspaper on the table, and I'll probably be displaying a BN logo some where on my clothing.
    For sorting out the venue, and for most of the text in this post, I must thank Brian Allwood who is one of our walkers.
    Due to the developing situation with coronavirus this event has been cancelled.

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