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GBSD - Monknash Beach


South West
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The big one ? - as numbers feed into a month of events across the UK. All are very welcome ?  A gentle warm up / small diversion for those heading to Nudefest?  The bridge is free now ?

Tides bring times back to traditional ones, but if that start is too early, come and join us when suits. Timings are: 
* gather from 1.00 pm on for forming a huddle :-). 
* head off off to beach at 1.30 pm .
* return as moods take us but by 7.00pm

If you're running late , just come and join us. There may be even be a BN orange flag or Nudie-Dudies t-shirt flying in the wind. Location will be on the beach either side of the slabs (depending on wind directions) or on said slabs. 

Real ales, ciders and bar meals available at the Plough & Harrow afterwards: http://www.coolplaces.co.uk/places/uk/wales/vale-of-glamorgan/8304-the-plough-and-harrow 

A beach clean on the way back if people can bring bag and gloves . Check on the moods of the weather gods at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2642332

Directions: Down lane from Plough & Harrow until you reach a sharp bend to right . Car Park is on the left hand side of this corner opposite New Mill Farm Stables on the right. Google Maps link is:

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