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Eastern Region AGM

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It is now going to be a minimal virtual meeting to just do the essential business. The meeting will be held by e-mail.

The BN Eastern Region AGM will be held on Sunday 5th April 2020.

These are extraordinary times. We have had to cancel our AGM at Broadlands which was due on Sunday 5th April, and it is now looking very unlikely that we will be able to schedule an alternative meeting within the time limit set in our Rules.

The Committee recommends that we hold a virtual AGM for 2020, on the original date, working by e-mail. There is very little business that absolutely needs to be settled under the Rules, principally the adoption of reports and the voting for the officers.

The documents for the meeting will be sent out in advance by e-mail, as usual, to the Club Secretaries and to those members who express or have already expressed an interest in attending. The Committee will be able to answer questions arising. A voting form will be sent to everyone registered for the meeting, to be sent back to the Secretary before the end of the day of the meeting. The results will be announced on the next day. Monday 6th April. This will leave us ready to ramp up activity when times return to more nearly normal, with we hope the autumn meeting at Blackthorns, currently set for 13th September.

If you have not already informed us that you intended to join us at the AGM, but would now like to participate in the vote, please inform me by 31st March.

Wishing good health to you all,

Cath Bromley
Secretary, BN Eastern Region

Please contact on easternsecretary@bn.org.uk or message Nigel on this forum.


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