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Naked Kitchen


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This event repeats every week for 5 occurrences

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Join Pam Fraser on Wednesdays at 2pm for Naked Kitchen....

Each week Pam will be guiding you through baking a tasty treat and hosting a BN member chat too.

Open to all BN Members, for free, as part of your membership - what are you waiting for?


You will need to be in or around your kitchen and have access to an oven!
The ingredients list and quantities, with some alternatives if you don't have them in your pantry right now, will be posted on the link each week. Obviously please don't make a dedicated trip to a supermarket just for the ingredients, hopefully we have given you enough time to add them to your regular basket or just get creative!

On Wednesday 20th we will be making Guinness Cottage Pie:



9 inch tin


175g/6oz Plain Flour

75g/2 3/4oz Butter





Butter To Cook

8 Sun-dried Tomatoes

1/2 Onion Diced

1 Red Pepper Diced

2 Cloves Garlic Minced

100g/3 1/2oz Spinach

30g Olives Sliced

1tsp Dried Oregano

1tsp Dried Parsley

200g/7oz Cheese (As Many As Preferred)

4 Large Eggs

375ml Milk

Salt & Pepper


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