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Naked Yoga with Georgia


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This event repeats every week until 07/07/20

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Join Georgia from Stripped Back Yoga live from Bristol, a perfect way to sample Naturism in the comfort of your own home.


Make sure you have some space, check for any objects or hazards around you, and have some water nearby too. If you have a mat, please roll it out, if you don't, that's ok too - just make sure the surface is safe.

Try to enjoy the movements, don't worry if it's hard or your body isn't working how you'd like just yet. Yoga is all about the practice not the perfect - so just be present and see what happens.

Don't overdo it! This is important for new and seasoned yogis. Listen to your body; if you are tired, rest, if something doesn't feel right, don't do it - it's not a competition so take it easy, enjoy the practice.

Music – At home, put your favourite yoga playlist, favourite album or any music on if you like. When you initially connect your computer, your microphone will be muted automatically.


Each session is open to everybody from £5.00 with no future commitment - Why not give it a go?

Book your session HERE

British Naturism and INF members get a whopping 40% off making most sessions from £3.00, details on how to register the discount on the member's forum


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