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Nudecamp 2021 sees yet another naked takeover of Thorney Lakes Campsite in Somerset (they must really like us!). We will be using the 2 main camping firelds (known as 'Orchard' and 'Greenfield' during Nudefest) for our camping and have the use of the whole site and lakes area.

There will be whatever activities are allowed by the Covid rules at the time. This will probably include home-made entertainment - Karaoke, socially-distanced performances (contributions welcome), fire pits, a trip to the Cider Brandy Farm and anything else we and you can think of which is allowed. There's plenty of space and freedom to roam around the whole campsite and lakes area (the fishermen are used to us now!).

Last year's event was very low-key for Covid reasons and many visitors said how they enjoyed the (much) less frenetic pace than the usual Nudefest. They were able to visit the local area without the fear of missing something on site and catch up with friends at a safe distance who they had not been able to chat to in person throughout most of the rest of the year.


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