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    If you have a story that you would like to tell then please send email to "Women in Naturism" (donna.price@bn.org.uk)


  • An Accidental Discovery

    Like many people, I discovered naturism almost by accident. We went on holiday to what is now Croatia (it was still Yugoslavia at the time) and we knew there were naturist beaches in the area but not exactly where. Turned out they were near our hotel, so we gave it a try. At the time I was quite body conscious (being on the larger size) so I was a bit reluctant to go to the public beach area, but there were also some little coves that were like private beaches and I was happy there. I am now much more comfortable with my body, so I go to the beach and the chringuito (bar) etc.

    What I like about naturism is that it is not about ‘the body beautiful’ and all shapes, sizes, ages etc are made to feel welcome and comfortable. I love the freedom of just lying on the beach with only my sun cream on and swimming naked is wonderful.

    I like that in this area (we live in Vera Playa), particularly in August, you can go to the beach and see two or three generations of a family all happily naked and enjoying the sea and sun.

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