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  • Didn't your Mum tell you Cabbages were good for you?

    Okay, hands up all those who were brought up to always try the food on their plate and not take one look at it and declare, “I don’t like it”? My Mum always told me to try it before deciding because I might well discover that I DO like it! Apply this to everything new you encounter and you could lead a full and interesting life!

    How many of you, particularly the women reading this, have never actually tried Naturism but are stubbornly declaring it is not for you and you won’t like it?! My experience over the years of recruiting for Blackthorns tells me it is usually the men who are keen to become Naturists but they often have a partner lagging behind saying they won’t, or can’t, do it! It is usually ‘won’t’ rather than ‘can’t’ as everyone CAN do it, they just need to allow themselves to try it. (Gentlemen, if you recognise this scenario, now is the time to show it to your reluctant partner and ask them to read just this article, if nothing more). So, Ladies, why the reluctance to try Naturism? What are you scared of? Isn’t your man worth giving it a try? Wouldn’t you rather share the experience with him?

    I know how you feel as I have not forgotten my own feelings not long after I first met my husband and found out that he was a Naturist and I hastily told him not to even ASK me to go to the club as I would NOT be doing so, and I meant it! I really did! But I soon decided it was unfair to stop him doing something he obviously enjoyed as, out of consideration to me, he was reluctant to go alone. I realised if he was considering MY feelings, why wasn’t I considering HIS? Hmm… that left me with only one option; to give it a try! I didn’t think it was offensive, perverted or anything really,

    I just never had the inclination to do it and didn’t really understand why anyone would want to socialise in the nude. When I met some of his friends, who were also club members, I was even more positive that I couldn’t do it; see them naked and them see me? No way!

    As Spring approached and the good weather beckoned, I did feel a little guilty that he wasn’t heading to the club to relax as he used to, so I made up my mind to at least try it, just like the dreaded cabbage on my dinner plate as a child! The first visit to the club wasn’t so bad as it was raining and rather cool so no one was naked and I didn’t feel pressured to undress. I found the woodland setting, complete with drifts of bluebells, very enticing and everyone I met seemed so normal and friendly that I had no reason not to return on a warmer day. I have to admit it still felt strange and I was unsure why they did it but one day, when a warm breeze blew across my bare skin, I realised, without even thinking about it, that it felt good. It dawned on me in that moment; THAT was why they did it and I was hooked! Yes, it still took me a few times to get used to the idea but the overall benefits outweighed the little time it took for me to feel comfortable with social nudity. My husband, ever the diplomat, explained it was about “Body Confidence” more than “Body Beautiful” (what WAS he trying to say?!) but that stuck in my mind and still makes sense today; it isn’t only for those with what we perceive to be of “perfect” body form but for every age, shape, size and condition of body that exists.

    Many of us have issues and wish to lose weight and shape up but meanwhile, we are accepting of ourselves and each other and live in the real world where we appreciate we are what we are and get on with it!

    So don’t look for excuses for why you can’t give it a go; I’ve found that the Naturist community is the best place to feel at ease with whatever you consider to be a disadvantage, whether it’s a weight issue (under or over), stretch marks, mastectomy, amputation, scars, skin complaints, whatever, they all pale into insignificance when you are at one with yourself and each other. Don’t believe me? Well you’ll just have to give it a go to find out and then if you still don’t believe me, please drop me a line to tell me why not; I don’t expect to hear from many, if any, of you! Trust me, any good club will help you like I do at Blackthorns and arrange for you to spend some time alone, or with another lady, in a secluded area of the club if you are apprehensive of going naked with others for the first time. I have the advantage of a lovely clearing within the wood at Blackthorns, where I will sit with them and encourage them to go topless to start with, to realise that lovely feeling of freedom and gradually build up their confidence to face the rest of the club!

    Trust me, they usually end up asking themselves why they’d not done it sooner and feel quite silly to have worried so much over so little! Once it’s done it’s no big deal! Just like that cabbage, it also has a lot of health benefits! Just being in such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere is medicine in itself, relieving stress and giving us a feel-good factor which is beneficial to the whole body, particularly the heart.

    So go on, show your man you care and give it a go!

    Roni Fine

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