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  • My First Naturist Experience

    My first Naturist experience was in June 2017 when I persuaded my hubby to come to Studland beach with me. I had never been before and wanted to see what it was like. I had also never been fully naked outside or swam naked before. I had only sunbathed topless while on holiday or in the back garden (which is quite overlooked by apartments!) and each time I did, I found myself wondering whether I’d ever be brave enough to go completely naked.

    Studland was amazing for my first time thought. The lovely golden sand, clear warm water and my husband beside me….it’ could’ve been paradise. I can remember the feeling of the sun and breeze on my skin, it was fantastic, I loved it and I was very glad that we went.

    However, little did I realise that I would want to do it more and more….

    I had seen BN’s Great British Skinny Dip documentary on the TV in the spring which planted a seed of curiosity in my head. I found the programme very inspiring, and I was thrilled to find that being naked outside wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t wrong or rude and loads of people did it! It was after then that I had investigated clubs and swims and found out about Studland beach.

    I went to the Southampton swim for my first ‘official’ skinny dip. I was very nervous because I was on my own and knew no one. I was greeted warmly, and was introduced to Denise and before I knew it I was in the pool swimming around and chatting to other people….and I was nude! It felt so natural, no one was staring or making a fuss. Denise told me about Avonvale Sun Club in the New Forest. After hearing about the winter saunas, outdoor heated pool in the summer, the club events and that members could go there 24/7, I wanted to join immediately. And I did! I got a couple’s membership so that my husband could enjoy the facilities in the summer too. I have made some amazing friends there who have been encouraging and helpful about naturism. I’ve been to other local swims with them too, like the Barton swim, and a couple of us even ventured up to Didcot recently to join in their Great British Skinny Dip event – their pool is fab!

    My bravest venture was going to Nudefest for the day. I had arranged to meet some friends there but, technology let me down and my text hadn’t reached them to tell them I’d arrived! I was in my car and could see naked people on the field wandering around but I just froze and couldn’t get out of the car. Then a car pulled up with a person also on their own so I asked if we could walk over to the café together, which we did. I found my friends and there were lots of introductions. I met all kinds of people, from all over England, from Spain and Belgium too!

    We went for walks round the lakes, did some archery, had lunch, dipped in the pools. I really didn’t want to leave and I have to admit, the 30° weather certainly helped.

    Since Nudefest I’ve been to local beaches and have made some more friends there too. I’m surprised so many of them have never heard of BN so I make sure I tell people about the great events and the campaigns they organise. I have also tried to get to as many skinny dips as possible because I think it’s important to support BN and local clubs.

    Most recently, I feel glad that I was brave enough to go to the BN event at Stoke Waterworld. It was so much fun, I made new friends, bumped into people I had met at Nudefest and had a blast. It was a fabulous evening.

    It’s funny how my confidence has just grown, just from being naked around other naked people.

    This year is slowing down for outside nudity but the winter events at our club start soon, but next year, I’m planning to go to as many BN events as I can!

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