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    If you have a story that you would like to tell then please send email to "Women in Naturism" (donna.price@bn.org.uk)


  • Sail Away

    I believe that many people are private naturists. They happily bare all in the privacy of their homes but it doesn't occur to them that there is a wonderful world of social naturism waiting for them to join in. This was certainly the case for me.

    Richard and I were fortunate to have a 30 foot sailing boat. When we were out at sea in the sunshine the person in the shelter of the spray hood would be naked, but unless it was exceptionally warm, the helmsperson would have to be clothed to keep warm! One Saturday evening we returned to the Devon coast from a passage to France and anchored in a sheltered cove called Scabbacombe bay.. We had supper and put our heads down for a well deserved sleep.

    Next morning we looked around and there on the lovely sunny beach were naked people! We soon pumped up our dingy and rowed ashore to join them. We had arrived in the world of social naturism! It transpired that these new friends were from something called Torbay Sun Club.

    It was over 35 years ago and we've been members ever since. 

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