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    My Naturism story started 7 years ago when my partner Muriel and I went to naturists beaches in Spain, it was a very relaxed beach and much better in the heat with no swim suit clinging to you, especially good when in the sea!

    It made me feel so free, body confident and happy, attractive, and younger.  We also visited various naturist camping sites and we felt all the people there were friendly.  The first few moments I felt nervous, but it just felt so good and natural and the fact that we are born this way and everybody is a different shape, you should be proud of your own body!

    The good thing is that no one is judging you by the brands of clothing that you wear, we all become equal without clothes on.  People should try anything once how can they comment when they have not tried it?

    I took part in a naked photo shoot with my partner and that was a lot of fun, we both felt really good and free.  Good to keep and look back on the pictures.  After this my partner noticed an advert on Gumtree for a life model. I applied for this and the leader of the art group admitted it was difficult to find a model as most people don’t have the confidence for to do it.  I admit I was a bit shy and nervous for 5 minutes but then you forget you are naked and I just love it.  I have now done life modelling for different art groups and I now have regular work at my local college.  I find this relaxing and it is also interesting to see how different students draw me.  My 2 daughters now know that I do modelling and are proud of me.  I do various poses ranging from 2 minutes up to 40 minutes at a time.

    My work bag for my life modelling says on it THIS GIRL CAN!

    We then joined British Naturism because we felt this would be a good way to meet like minded friends that enjoyed Naturism too.  The first event was a naked swim at Blackpool and this was good.  With no swim suit clinging to you it was a great feeling!  I also have a hot tub at home and never wear a swimsuit, it feels so good to be free in the water. We then had a Naturism weekend near Dumfries it  was good to meet like minded folks.

    I would love the opportunity to change people’s views on Naturism as friends’ reactions can be different -  mostly they say "fair play on you – I couldn’t do that “ but they do ask lots of questions!  Another example was when I told an ex neighbour, she was shocked and said she couldn’t look at me the same way – she seemed shocked but there is nothing sexual in it!

    Such a shame that the majority of people have the wrong view on naturism.

    Why should I hide my BN magazine when I have a visitor in my home?  Again if anyone has picked the magazine up I feel they only look at the pictures and cannot understand that it's not sexual.

    We feel the need to have clothes on but I should have the confidence to be who I am and I should feel I’m allowed to be naked in my own home and garden.

    We have recently started a Naturist B & B and look forward to meeting new people.

    I would love to start body confidence classes and artists workshops as this can be done in the privacy of my own home and I would love to change people’s lives and confidence then they can experience all the rewards of Naturism. I definitely feel it boosts self esteem and it feels so natural without the restrictions of clothes.

    We encouraged our friend to be naked on the beach when on holiday and we also did body painting on each other which was so much fun with no hidden agenda.

    I am surprised and frustrated that the Naturist campsites of 60’s and 70’s style have not grown in the same way that the freedom and acceptance has for other groups, for example LGBT.  If only I and others could change that.

    Jean Cowan

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