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  • Why do I need to provide an email address

    BN uses email addresses for two quite distinct purposes:

    1. Account Management - to improve the quality of service that we provide to our members and to help to reduce costs (and the membership fee).
    2. Newsletters - a free service that members may choose to opt into in order to receive various information about naturism, included information about upcoming events. Use of this service is entirely optional - members may opt in or opt out (unsubscribe) at any time.

    Account Management

    Like many organisations BN is doing an increasing amount of its business online, either through our website or by email. This trend is likely to continue as conducting our business online not only reduces the impact on the environment (by reducing the use of paper mail) but saves us money and also allows us to provide you with a better service - for example emailing confirmation of when the direct debit payment will be taken from your bank. If we don’t hold a valid email address you might find it more tricky to manage your BN account online because if you forget your password then the password recovery email will not work – Catch-22!

    At BN we take our data protection responsibilities very seriously, and we guarantee never to allow third parties to access the personal information which you give us unless you have specifically agreed to this (for example, providing your Direct Debit details to our bank).
    It would therefore be of great help to us if you could provide us with an email address. Please use one of the following methods to update your email address:

    • Log onto the membership system at https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/profile, update your email address and ‘Save’ your profile.
    • Send an email to headoffice@bn.org.uk quoting your name, membership number and the email address that you would like to have added to our records.
    • Telephone the office on 01604 620361 - and we can double-check that all of your details are up to date.

    If you have forgotten your password then please contact the office via email or telephone to have it reset.


    The newsletter service is entirely optional. You may log into the membership system and use the newsletter preferences tab (https://www.bn.org.uk/membership/newsletter-preferences) to opt into or out of email newsletters. You may also select which categories of newsletters you would like to receive (for example, regional, national, or various special interests). The same email address will be used for newsletters as for account management, but as described here, newsletters may be disabled even when account management emails are enabled.

    Newsletters will contain information about BN and naturism in general. Newsletters will not contain quantities of adverts, third party material or other "spam".

    Newsletters are sent by Mailchimp on behalf of BN.

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