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  • Sheryn

    24th June - It’s Ladies Day!

    Continuing our ‘Women in Naturism’ campaign, encouraging more women to discover the benefits of Naturism, we’re launching a new idea for 2018. Coming at the end of world-renowned social and sporting event Royal Ascot week, 24th June will see our own ‘Ladies Day’.

    It’s an opportunity for all of us to think about the women in our lives - friends, colleagues, neighbours - anyone in our social circle who we’d like to invite along. Events can take place anywhere, and we hope that clubs and swims will take the opportunity to put on a special event - for women only, if they like - and encourage their members to bring someone along. The event doesn’t have to be on 24th June, but somewhere close-by.

    Who will YOU be inviting?

    Find out more about our Women in Naturism campaign

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    Just a thought, may have already been done or being planned/implemented, have any of our ladies approached a Women's Institute branch to give a talk? I Know the WI are very big on lectures/presentations, may not have to be at a local branch but further afield.Might generate some interest and at the very least encourage debate.

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