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    A Great Week Ahead...

    Amid all the uncertainty about the future, you can be sure of a stimulating programme from British Naturism. As I write, we're enjoying a full weekend of online activities including yoga, naked pub, a drum festival and aerobics and can look forward to more this week...

    Already confirmed: 

    Monday - Coffee Morning and The Forum Live discussion - The History of Nudity (well, the one the school books don't tell you about...)

    Tuesday - Fitness, drum meditation and a special talk on rowing the Atlantic - naked of course!

    Wednesday - Naked Kitchen, laughter yoga and a yoga class open to all

    Thursday - Meditation and fitness

    Friday - The Naked Pub. There's also a member-run quiz night.

    Saturday - aerobics

    Saturday is also the day of The Great British Take Off with our online event, 'Pimms on the lawn', with more still being arranged...

    Do keeping checking back as we're adding more events all the time...

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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