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    BN in the Daily Telegraph again!

    Things are continuing to move forwards very nicely with regards to the great attention Naturism is being paid in the press recently, and The Telegraph’s ‘A nudist’s guide to body confidence’ by Anna Clarke based on interviews with BN members, is no exception. The piece, focused on the intersection of body confidence and Naturism, is another straight-talking and genuine slice of journalism eschewing sensationalism in favour of open-mindedness. Being naked, the author argues, is actually quite fashionable! Moreover, the article quickly acknowledges the headway we’re making in ‘edging towards the ‘nude not crude’ way of thinking’.

    One thing that really stands out about the article is how much time is spent really trying to connect with non-Naturists by highlighting the opportunities for self-development, self-acceptance and self-awareness that are abundant within the practice of removing one’s clothes. It also, crucially, paints the Naturist attitude to nudity as entirely healthy and necessary.

    It’s a short article but continues to highlight the fact that people are truly coming more accepting of, and interested in, Naturism. Particular thanks and gratitude to all of those BN members who contributed to the report – your openness and enthusiasm for Naturism is a beautiful thing! 

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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