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    BN Members Autumn Group Holiday to El Portús

    About 40 BN Members gathered in El Portús for the Autumn Group holiday - organised by Chalfont Holidays - our second trip to this popular Spanish resort this year. Many guests opted to arrive earlier or stay later than the ‘official’ seven day group holiday.

    It really was ‘fun in the sun’ as the temperatures stayed high every day.  Gentle ‘detox’ music could be heard on the terrace as the few early risers attended a wake up stretch with the backdrop of the sunrise glowing red on the coastal mountains.  Some views just stay with you. 

    The vineyard trip will probably stay in the minds of most however, as a group of Dutch joined in the opportunistic naked photo, and some passing Japanese wondered if they had come on the right trip but didn’t bat an eyelid!  Another trip to Calblanque, such a beautiful area of sand, sea and nature where half of us headed one day to swim, sunbathe and enjoy the ample picnic.  And then on another day, Cartagena, which is always popular.  We took in the history of the Roman theatre and Arqua the national underwater archaeology museum.  The British sunk a ship years ago but could not retrieve the gold coins at the time - now that bounty is shining for us to enjoy today, along with all the other items brilliantly preserved.  Two large ‘all you can eat’ lunches, one with ‘all you can drink’ as well, ensured plenty of social opportunity to gather on long tables and enjoy gastronomic delights with good company.

    We relaxed at El Portus on a beach day, were massaged at spa coffee mornings, and enjoyed Andrew’s evening quizzes.  About half the group braved and ‘chilled’ in the summer and winter pools to attend the regular aqua sessions.  In the evenings we generally gathered at Moncho’s restaurant, enjoying the traditional paella evening on one occasion.  All too soon we were heading for home and feeling sad once again to say goodbye to friends, until next time.

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