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    BN Pétanque Nationals 2022 - A Smashing Success!

    British Naturism’s Pétanque tournament on 29 April to 2 May drew 21 teams and was a resounding success, Sports Director Ian Munt reports!

    The tournament is a seven-game, all-inclusive snake with the best two teams progressing to the final. There were five games on the Saturday and two on Sunday, followed by the final. This year it was organised by Barrie and Glynn Widdowson and hosted by Blackthorns Sun Club.

    Play began under a beautiful sunny sky.  Competition was sometimes fraught - with a touch of cussing as the pressure mounted! - because this was serious, and, for some, winning the national title was the only result they wanted.  By the time the last two teams finished their fifth game on Saturday, everyone else had returned to the lawn for G&Ts before getting ready for the Gala Dinner.

    The final day’s play began on a cold Sunday morning. Some of the competitors looked like they had danced the night away, while others were ready for combat! Despite some brief rain, spirits remained high. Barrie and Glynn had a bye for their second game, giving them time to start totting up the score cards early. They even enlisted me to tot some scores up - no pressure there with them both being retired math teachers!

    With the games complete and the score sheets totted up, two teams stood out at the top for the final. Jane and Lee and Marion and Phil would slug it out, with only 13 more points needed to get their hands on the coveted Shield and National Trophy. It was a close game. Marion and Phil played without fault, while Jane and Lee fought a gallant battle!

    Then it was off to the trophy ceremony. Trophies were handed out, including three bare bum trophies for those teams who scored a ‘fanny’ - losing 13 to 0. After thank-yous all round, participants were given application forms for the internationals in Hanover, Germany, and the trophy was put on display for all to see whether we can bring it home again!

    If you missed this event and fancy a game, check out the landed clubs. Many are open to day visitors and have great facilities, so check the website for clubs in your area. Sunfolk also has a piste.

    Think about giving the Nationals a go next year! These events can only take place if there are volunteers to help, and they are a great way to meet people and have a good time. You don’t need experience - just enthusiasm for the sport. If you’re interested, register on the Volunteers platform or contact Ian at sports@bn.org.uk

    A big cheer to the winners:

    Winners: Marion & Phil

    Runners up: Jane & Lee

    Third Place: Elaine & Steve

    Fourth Place: Carol & Carl

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