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    BN's new Volunteer Co-ordinator

    British Naturism is an organisation run and managed by volunteers. We pay a few people to devote time to ensuring that specialist areas of our operation run smoothly and that value members receive for their subscriptions is kept high. Day to day, however, it is people giving their time and energy for the love of it that makes things happen from the senior echelons of the Executive Committee to the people who run sessions at events.

    We acknowledged a while ago that we need more volunteers and to give better support to those in post to make sure that BN continues to grow. We came up with the concept of a Volunteer Co-ordinator’ and after a couple of false-starts, where we leaned a great deal about how best to achieve our aims, have now contracted Pam Fraser to take on the role as one of our paid people.

    Pam will be dedicated to all volunteer issues and will be:

    • the go-to person for a volunteer based issues - especially first port of call for people who want to do more for BN
    • maintaining the database of volunteers 
    • providing support to current volunteers - information, problem solving and the tools they need - keeping them enthusiastic and performing.
    • publishing information on what others roles need filling and what the role entails 

    Pam is relatively new to Naturism and was introduced to BN for the first time last year at Alton Towers by Mark, BN’s Event Manager. Since then Pam has spent every opportunity possible to practice Naturism including through the BN events programme, visiting clubs and festivals. Pam is relishing the opportunity ahead.

    ‘I am really excited about the role and getting more involved. I really understand the value BN provides to people and the opportunities BN creates for friendship and companionship for its members. It think many people shy away from volunteering as they think it is going to be a massive job, don’t get me wrong, some roles are bigger than others, but there are so many bite-size opportunities available that would really assist BN moving forward. One of my first jobs will be to identify areas where BN need more support and then get in touch with all those who have already put themselves forward. I am a people person at heart and can’t wait to meet everyone and support the organisation more’

    Pam will be hosting two sessions at forthcoming events about volunteering and how getting involved is enjoyable, rewarding and most importantly fun! Pam will be inviting volunteers both old  and new to get together at either the National Convention in Birmingham or at Alton Towers. It would be great if you can join Pam to create our new volunteer team.





    Edited by Andrew Welch

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