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    BN's new Volunteering Officer

    British Naturism is a largely voluntary organisation with contributions ranging from assisting at events, to contributing to campaigns, to acting as Directors of the company. Many people will be aware of the work being done, under the guidance of John Gelder, to develop a carefully constructed strategy to support and make best use of volunteers.

    A very large number of members provided feedback on the draft strategy, proving how highly volunteers are regarded. At the EC meeting this week, we reviewed an updated version of the Volunteering Strategy, amended to incorporate the feedback and we are pleased to announce two key resolutions:

    1) The formal adoption of the Volunteering Strategy that will guide decision making going forward
    2) The creation of a new position of Volunteering Officer on the Executive Committee

    Volunteering is of such importance that it is essential that the Volunteering Officer is part of the top-level discussions, and therefore fitting that it should be an EC position.

    The even better news is that John Gelder, the brain behind the strategy, accepted the invitation of the Executive Committee to fill the role. John has extensive experience in advising voluntary organisations and a vision for how much more we can achieve as an organisation with the correct structure in place, so is certainly the person for the job. Many will also know John for his work on organising and leading walks in the Eastern Region, so his naturist credentials are beyond doubt.

    I won’t attempt to talk about the finalised policy or future plans here, I expect the policy will be added to the downloads section soon and John will reveal his thoughts in due course.

    It just remains for me to invite everybody to welcome John to the role and congratulate him on the work already done.

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