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    Body Positivity - a discussion

    Who's got the perfect body? 

    a) everyone?

    b) no-one?

    Both answers are correct! Whatever our own hang-ups, lumps and bumps and worries about what we look like, we're all normal human beings. Being in the company of naked people allows you to see that we're all different and improves how you feel about yourself. Recent scientific research even confirms it.

    A lack of body confidence and the resulting low self-esteem is a big problem for the world at large, with people spending fortunes on 'improving' their looks or even suffering from poor mental health because of it.

    This Thursday, 18 June, we're hosting a discussion about the subject. Please come and join us and share your views and experiences.

    Find out how to book and details of all the other online events currently available from British Naturism, over on our events website.

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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