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    British Naturism - Hitting the Headlines again!

    Our ability to raise the profile of British Naturism and Naturism in the UK continues to grow stronger and stronger! In addition to a number of local press reports and radio interviews that we have participated in recently we've been gaining national and world wide promotion!
    Check out the following...
    An article in the Daily Star and featured as the banner headline on the front page - 
    Pam Fraser speaking about life as a Naturist to Unilad.com on Facebook
    An article in the Daily Telegraph featuring some of our newest members (Unfortunately it's behind a pay wall but if you are a Telegraph subscriber you will be able to view it)
    We also hosted our first media visit to British Naturism Sunfolk. We didn't just start with a short report in the local paper, we welcomed the BBC World Service and whose interviews will be broadcast around the globe!
    And it doesn't stop there - as we post this article we are talking to two national newspapers, a national TV channel and a primetime TV show...

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