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    Campaign: Women in Naturism

    Women in Naturism is an ongoing initiative to try and attract more women into Naturism and to help build body confidence.

    More men attend events, visit beaches and Naturist holiday resorts, making it appear that Naturism appeals more to men than women, however this is not necessarily the case. Naturism may appeal to a similar number of women but for their own reasons they are reluctant to embrace the lifestyle. The aim of this campaign is to find those reasons and answer the concerns.

    Find out more about why we are doing it, what we hope to achieve and how you can help. https://www.bn.org.uk/campaigning/womeninnaturism/

    There are also details of our 'Take a Friend' initiative aimed at encouraging Naturist women to invite someone to an event or other gathering - which of course, could include online these days...

    We've also got hints and tips for all the guys we regularly see at events, in clubs and on the forum who have a wife / partner / girlfriend / fiancée who finds it a challenge to share their interest in Naturism - or  perhaps just needs a little persuasion. 

    We also bring masses of first person stories from women who have discovered the wonderful world of clothes-free recreation and want to spread the word! If you are inspired, why not write your own and send it in.




    Edited by Andrew Welch

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