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    Certificated Caravan and Camping Sites

    Many of these sites in addition, space permitting, can also take tents, trailer tents, and folding campers. Formal Planning permission or a site license are not required to run a site for an exempted organisation. Full information is available from the Natural England Website.

    Certificated sites are for members only and in many cases are the main reason why some people become members in the first place. Members of the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) are also welcome to use our sites. A Certificated Site doesn't have to be all-singing and dancing. It just needs to be a small site we would want to recommend to our friends.

    Would you like to use your land to run a British Naturism Camping and Caravan, Certificated Site?

    In order to become a British Naturism Certificated Site the site must go through an application process and meet British Naturism's Site standards. These are basically the same for all exempt organisations and are approved by Natural England on behalf of DEFRA. Our Exempted Camping & Caravanning Department and our volunteer Site Officers assess the site when you first apply. We will contact the Local Authority on your behalf advising them that you intend to set up a Certificated site. Our inspector will again check out the site before issuing the certificate and listing the site in our magazine, online members section and website, and then each year prior to repeat listing.

    Basic Requirements

    • At least half an acre of land – fairly level, and well maintained
    • Screening from neighbours and surrounding countryside. - A breathtaking view (a real bonus!)
    • Safe Access – for cars, caravans or motor homes, including 12ft wide gateway and safe approach road when entering and leaving the site.
    • Drinking Water - A Tap with appropriate soak-away or another method of supplying safe water for drinking.
    • Waste Disposal – A dustbin which is regularly emptied could be enough
    • Sanitation – a suitable facility for the emptying of chemically treated toilets must be provided, called a Chemical Disposal Point
    • Sites are for recreational use and not for storage or permanently sited vans.

    Other facilities (Electrical hook ups, Showers and toilets) will be welcomed, but the above simple requirements are all you need to join our network of sites. Planning permission may still be required if you wish to build or convert existing buildings to provide new Shower or Toilet facilities There is no charge for the issue of a certificate or its annual renewal.

    You provide the site and facilities - We issue the certificate - We advertise your site - You keep all of the income. Additional income can be obtained by allowing local members to use your site, on a day visit basis, for sunbathing. Would you like to find out more about running a British Naturism Caravan and Camping, Certificated Site? To obtain an information pack with details of how you can run your own site or if you have a general question, please call us on 01604 620361 or email headoffice@bn.org.uk

    Further Information

    Run a BN Certified Site.pdf

    Landowners Guide.pdf

    Advice on providing electrical hookups.pdf

    2009 Application Form.pdf

    Example Consultation Letter.pdf

    Suggested Charge Bands.pdf

    Site Inspections

    Site Inspection Guidelines.pdf

    Site Inspection Checklist.pdf

    The Law

    Caravan Sies and Control of Development Act (1960).pdf

    Public Health Act (1936).pdf

    Natural England Combined Guidance.pdf

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