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    Dining Around The World - Naked!

    The Hertfordshire naked dining revolution started by Robert Finney last year goes from strength to strength. In the latest dining experience we went back to the great We R Cakes restaurant, near Knebworth. This time it was with a Moroccan theme and the head chef once again showed she can do the double. Not only was the quality of the food really high but the quantity was fantastic. Nobody could possibly have left hungry! The Round the World theme was continued having had Greek, Chinese, Italian and Mexican meals over the last 12 months.

    As usual the meal was accompanied by a quiz which is a great ice breaker for newcomers and gets us all chatting. To get a taste of what was to come we had a huge platter for starters with butternut hummus, harissa hummus, olives, falafel, aubergine and goats cheese, pitta bread, yoghurt dip and giant bean salad. There were no less than six different dishes as part of the buffet main course and a gorgeous raspberry and orange syllabub with Moroccan cookies to complete the meal. Once again everyone - vegetarians, meat-eaters and vegans all had plenty of choice.

    We R Cakes is a small establishment with quirky décor. It's very homely and wonderfully warm with an open plan kitchen in the same room. All the staff were good humoured, friendly and welcoming.

    These events are organised by Eastern Region and it's good to see others now sharing the organising. This time Rick stepped up to the mark and did an excellent job which is great for someone who went to their first naked dining event only last year. These events are not all in Hertfordshire of course. Recently we had the Rodin, Kiss and Tell event in Ipswich. Later this month we will be cruising the countryside in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire whilst dining on a narrowboat, and in August visiting a Suffolk vineyard for wine tasting and tour - both already sold out! Tickets are still available for our Great British Skinny Dip event in July at Peterborough Lido and our theatre trip in Oxford in August. 

    Andy Wyman

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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