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    Families in Naturism

    • What if simply being around naked people could give your child more realistic expectations of their bodies than those portrayed in glossy magazines? 
    • What if they too could gain the physical benefits of increased Vitamin D levels and mental health benefits from  being out in the sunshine and experiencing increased levels of serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’)? 
    • What if they could benefit from plenty of fresh air in a natural environment?
    • What if your family could find something to all do together, joining other like-minded families?

    At British Naturism we believe that a naturist lifestyle is beneficial to everyone, whatever their age. As a result, we welcome people of all ages to our events. Simple human nudity does not need to be limited to over 18s. Thousands of families – some into many generations - around the world have discovered this and know that there are many benefits to family life and to the well-being of children by being brought up in a naturist family.

    We've revised and updated our webpage dedicated to Families in Naturism and it has plenty of information and other resources - check it out!

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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