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    Family Naturism – Someone is Missing: is it you?

    Families have always been at the heart of the Naturist movement in the UK and the other day I saw this clearly demonstrated in some of the heritage photographs of the Sun-Folk Society (now British Naturism: Sunfolk).

    Naturists often lament the fact that Naturism in the UK is depicted as mainly older men with few women and even fewer young people.  So what can we do to change this?  If we are to shift the balance to 50:50 males/females and bring in younger people one of the things we must surely do is focus on families.

    Encouraging more young people into naturism must include an emphasis on families with young children.  Children will quite happily run around in the buff in the garden or on a beach.

    But we all know it is when the children get older that it is often the adults around them who tell them that being naked in public is shameful or “wrong”.  Yet more and more people, particularly younger adults, are only too aware of the negative impact body shaming and body dysmorphia can have on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.  As Naturists we know that social nudity can have a positive impact on people’s lives so wouldn’t it be great if those young people could bring up their own families in a Naturist environment?

    Young adults with families, like any group, need to see that British Naturism is relevant to them and one of the things that demonstrates this are images that reflect the fact that families are actively involved.

    Families also need to feel welcomed and that their needs and interests are catered for.  Coming together as families and attending many of BN’s family-orientated events are important opportunities to practice family Naturism.  The Families Forum and regular online meet-ups are further examples of how BN supports families and parents. Some clubs also cater particularly well for families with separate facilities, play equipment or a children’s “den” for them to enjoy.

    Something, or rather someone, is missing though!  The importance of family Naturism is recognised by British Naturism with the Executive Committee role of Families Officer, a role that unfortunately remains vacant.  If you currently have children under 18 years of age and would like to be involved in supporting, promoting and developing family Naturism why not consider the role? You will not be alone – there is a growing team of Regional Families contacts and a supportive group of parents and families who will welcome you with open arms.  You will also be supported by other EC members, the General Secretary and our fantastic events and marketing teams.

    Further information about the role, including a role description, can be found on the BN forum (log in required). You can also have an informal chat about the role with John Gelder, Volunteering Officer, John Gelder or President, Mark Bass

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