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    Got Time On Your Hands? Why not write for BN Magazine

    British Naturism Magazine depends on members and others sending in their articles, features and reports.  Regular readers will know that each issue contains a dedicated travel feature and we are always looking for written reports and stunning photographs to showcase naturist holiday places around the world.  

    If you have time on your hands now may be the time for you to get round to writing for the magazine.  We are looking for:

    Features and articles - you might write about your first Naturist experience, how you discovered Naturism, an interesting story about how you told friends about your interest in Naturism, or any Naturist related item or experience.

    Travel -  If you have been to a splendid place that you would like to recommend to others then please do write about it. Please note that in the next issue - and perhaps very timely in current circumstances - one of the travel features is the UK and so if you have had a great stay at a Naturist place in this country, please do think about writing.

    Information on 'How to Contribute' can be found in the downloadable PDF file at the foot of this article, or please contact magazine@bn.org.uk

    Please note; every submission to BN magazine is given consideration but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everything we receive can be published.

    Photographs, especially those showing happy naked people enjoying themselves really help our decision to publish an article or travel report. We are always happy to have a look at all of your pictures and make our selection.  We will assume that all people featured in the images have given consent for it to be published.  Whilst British Naturism is a members magazine, as printed material, we have no control over who eventually reads it. 

    How to Contribute - for web.pdf

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