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    Grants for Naturist Research

    Many of you will have read the fascinating report last year confirming that being naked makes us happier, or heard the recent radio documentary about the benefits of nakedness.  BN's own Children Deserve Better report published in 2016 was itself based on extensive Naturist research. Those are just a few recent examples of academic research into Naturism, and the invariable results – that Naturism boosts self-esteem and body image – come as no surprise to us!

    Did you know that the global Naturist organisation, the International Naturist Federation, has a budget to make grants for Naturist research? If you have an idea for such a research project you can apply for such a grant through BN.  Please contact us setting out what the work would be, as well as the expected benefits, timescale and costs.

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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