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    Have you heard what people are saying about us..?

    It’s been a good year for British Naturism, an organisation that is definitely enjoying good times - click here to find out about all our activities. There's also a link to our joining page...

    But don’t take our word for it…here’s what members are saying…


    The BN website is very impressive and easy to negotiate. Clear, concise and gets me to where I actually want to go

    Being a member of British Naturism is our way of supporting the ethos of Naturism

    I have not been disappointed - the openness and friendliness of Naturists is always a plus

    Online events have been superb and it has been a great pleasure to experience the Pub evenings and the Book club! Well done to all those who have made all this happen, and to their dedication to keeping us all together through this pandemic.

    The modernisation of BN since I was last a member is truly impressive. Very impressed with the website, social media presence and the high quality of the BN magazine.

    I live in Mexico and have memberships of the Mexican Federation and AANR but BN site has helped me interact with other nudists much better than in the US and even my country.

    I would never have had the courage to hike naked without BN guidance and advice. Having the naturist lifestyle recognised and legal Is a great step forward.

    Just wanted to say well done on all the events you have put on since lockdown including the exercise classes. I think it shows that BN really cares about the membership and are also trying hard to recruit new members.

    My first try-out was at British Naturism Sunfolk, the pool and facilities were way beyond my expectation and the other naturalists were so friendly.

    BN is far more proactive and supportive than I ever expected. I am intending to engage in more events and activities, so that I can get even more from being a member. What a joy and genuine relief in these troubled times!

    The amount of work done to provide protection to naturists is outstanding.

    I am enjoying my membership and being part of the community and wish I had joined years ago.

    The quality of the print magazine and also the amount and quality of online events has far exceeded my expectations.

    Thank you also for the regular production of the magazine, which has now achieved something near optimum quality.

    I’ve been making use of the online classes which are very good. The online yoga sessions are a great way of exercising and unwinding at the same time.

    British Naturism has established itself as a passionate (global) leader bringing a level of awareness and partnership desperately needed by a drifting community. It is my opinion that BN has stepped up where other organisations have stopped short. I’m confident your efforts will be well received.

    I’m ever more impressed with BN and their hard work behind the scenes in fighting prejudice at all levels.

    I’m proud to be a member of an organisation that puts the interests and above all, the feelings, of its members at its heart.

    I didn't realise there was such an active community within BN, particularly online. I also wasn't aware of the great work the Executive Committee and legal team do around supporting the members and advancing the acceptance of naturism. Well done BN.




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