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    Lockdown doesn’t have to mean social isolation!

    A new lockdown dawns...but don't despair, you can still feel part of a community and meet other Naturists in a virtual space.
    British Naturism host over 20 online sessions each week, including our popular coffee morning and pub night, many different types and levels of yoga, fitness, aerobics, interviews of well-known Naturist people, discussions, meditation, baking, group chats...it's all happening and accessible from wherever you are!
    This Saturday (7th November) you can join in our monthly, professionally tutored life-drawing class.
    Not a BN member? Come and join us here - it costs less than £4 a month. If you are attending regular online sessions you'll save a fortune - and gain many other membership benefits and be part of an organisation that is truly enjoying Good Times!

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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