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    Naturism in the News

    The arrival of hot weather in the UK always brings media enquiries our way. We're always happy to help bring the benefits of a nude lifestyle and the activities and community provided by British Naturism to a wider audience. We've also got a lot to talk about!

    Last week, we were asked to comment by the BBC on the story of a naked man chasing a laptop-stealing wild boar in a German park (you couldn't make it up...) and Ulrika Jonsson's sensible comments about naked sunbathing and raising children with healthy attitudes to the body. There are also the usual 'silly season', bottom-of-the-barrel items about the shock and horror experienced by people who can't wait to tell their local newspaper that they saw a real, live naked person in the woods or on a beach...

    In complete contrast, we found ourselves quoted in Forbes, one of the top business magazines in the US. 

    Members of British Naturism can keep up to date with news from the Naturist world - and post stories they find - in the Nudity reported in the Media topic on the Members' Forum (log in required). We also post links to many of them on our Facebook page and we've always got plenty to report from inside and outside of British Naturism on our website news page (that's what you're reading now), which is regularly updated. 

    Edited by Andrew Welch

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