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    New appointments! Clubs officer

    Our second EC appointment is to a new role. The clubs consultation identified the need for a Clubs Officer to better integrate clubs with the national organisation. The aim of the role is two-fold.

    The first is that clubs should be better supported so that they thrive, the second is that members of British Naturism who are not club members start to gain greater benefit from the network of facilities around the country.

    We are pleased to announce that Sally Whitney has stepped up to take on the role. Sally is an active member of Blackthorns Sun Club and her experience in working professionally and voluntarily for a national charity and HMRC in relationship management means that she has the transferable skill set to navigate the complexity that is British Naturism, making her well-placed to serve both clubs and individual members as she develops this important new role.

    Sally says:

    I have been chatting with many club officers, club members and Naturists. Virtually every discussion turns to membership of clubs, the benefits of being a member of a club, the difficulties people are having becoming members of clubs and/or why people have stopped being members of a club.

    I decided this summer to become a volunteer for BN and saw the Clubs Officer Role. I am a people person and in my employment  I work closely with multiple stakeholders to ensure services delivered meet the needs of the service users. I believe this role will help me utilise my skills for the benefit of the whole of BN and I am proud to be involved in the growth of BN. It gives me the opportunity to meet other Naturists and to promote social nudity across the UK.

    My initial plans are to build a network with clubs across the UK and to look for opportunities for BN to support clubs and vice versa. I will be visiting BN member clubs and will welcome contributions from any club or individuals that will assist me in developing this role for the benefit of all clubs and members. Please keep an eye out for the blog I am starting which should keep you updated on what I am doing.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in taking part in meetings to explore what I can do in my position as Club Officer to benefit the wider membership, focussing specifically on clubs. 

    I look forward to working with members, clubs and BN committees to develop and fulfil this role.  My vision for the role is to enhance the relationship between Naturist clubs and BN.

    sally.whitney@bn.org.uk and @Sally Whitneyfor members on the forum.

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